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    After marriage the daughter parting to in-laws house most painful for father

    In Indian movies be it of any language, the ultimate scene after marriage where in the custom of daughter forgoing all the pleasures of her loving parents especially the father is shown in a detailed manner and that becomes more emotional if the same happens at the personally. Though every member of the house would miss the presence of princely daughter but for father he cannot digest the fact that easily though the expressions are not shown outside. Do you also agree that after marriage the daughter, parting to in-laws house most painful for father?
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    I agree with the notion that it is a very difficult thing for parents to let go of a daughter and part ways from her. Cherishing her and loving her for years then one day sending her away is such a difficult task. And especially when it comes to a father-daughter special bond, my father often says that he is going to cry a lot when I am going to marry, and I guess he will. Because he is such a soft-hearted man and cried a lot in the Vidai when one of my uncle's daughters got married and uncle too kept a strong face till the girl went away in the car and then cried almost for the whole night till he was awake. And girls too other than the happiness of marriage always fear the day when they have to leave their parents house. It is custom that brings tears to everyone's eyes in the family when a girl says fair well to the family.
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    That is true. A kid whom we brought up is going to some other's family is very painful to the parents. They will be very sad. In earlier days sons used to stay in their native place taking care of their property. But daughters used to go to their in law's house. But these days there is a change. Even sons also are not staying with their parents. Sons are also going away from the family for jobs.
    Earlier days the communication is very less and people are not able to communicate easily between them. But these days communication is very easy and mobile phones are bringing people together. So daughters are also constantly in touch with their parents and visiting them also is not a difficult issue the days. That is why I feel there is no issue with this. These days daughters in law are not staying with their in-laws. They stay separately with their husband and children only. So her parents can come and visit their daughter any time they wanted.

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    Why marriage, any parting is painful. It is all the more when the person leaving is a loved one, parents, children or any other person whom we were living with for some time.
    Sometimes w feel a bit sad even when we take leave of a co-traveller in a tour or long journey. That is human sentiment.
    In the present days of air-travel and video calling facilities such feeling of distance and separation is not needed. People living thousands of miles apart can be in touch and connectivity always and at will.
    However in many cases it continues still as ritualistic expression. People feel their affection will be doubted if they don't shed tears in such occasions. Movies have a good responsibility in this regard.

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    But for father he pretends to be happy, but the parting cannot be digested for obvious reasons.
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    Parting with the daughter after the marriage is a painful situation for the entire family. The daughter is seen weeping and is touching the feet of all seniors present in that occasion. The scene is recorded with a view to be seen again in some convenient time. The father becomes more emotional when the daughter already married touches the feet of the daughter and finally father is seen hugging his daughter firmly with grief creating a painful situation during the departure of the daughter along with the son - in - law to a new destination. The old concept was that the daughter may not have frequent contacts with her parents after the wedlock but with the advancement of ages, this situation does not exist. Whenever needed she might have contacts with her parents or vice versa. Internally, the father is happy with the perfect selection a match for his daughter.

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    The pain of the father is more at the parting time after the marriage solemnization. But the volume of the pain is highly more when he see that his daughter returns home with a separative mind following misunderstanding in the in-laws house or with husband. Many girls are doing like this nowadays as their expectations are more before marriage and they do not understanding or realizing the pain of father or mother or both.

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    In most of the societies as per their cultures and traditions the girl after her marriage goes to live in the house of her husband or in the house of in-laws whatever be the case maybe. So this is a very common thing and accepted almost all over the globe. But we cannot ignore the fact that the father of the girl will always miss her daughter once she had left the home and gone to live in a new place in entirely In a new situation and circumstances. But one has to accept the customs of the society and ways of life where one lives. So definitely the father will miss her daughter but on the other hand he will also be happy that she has gone to establish a new family and new world for herself with her husband.
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    Parting of a beloved daughter is always painful for her parents, especially, the families that follow old social traditions. They resist to change in accordance to the latest social environment.
    In this modern age social structure and bondage have been changed like girls are already in touch with their boy friends and generally they are in premarital relationship and the parents of both sides are aware of their live-in relationship and they have no objection on such illicit (in the sight of the orthodox) relationship. I am a bit orthodox creature.
    Those who like to watch movies I always recommend them to watch an old Hindi movie "Esi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai" of Sachin who played the role of a loving and caring father of his motherless daughter and he brought her up with deep love. He always found her as a little girl despite her becoming a teenager. When he realised that time had come for her marriage he thought if he could live without his daughter and the daughter also felt squirming who would care of her father after her. This is a worth watching movie.

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