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    Your room may be small, but rearranging things would make it impressive

    In the urban areas, getting a apartment for rent is always associated with recommendations and known people reference and even the staying has been granted, the space problem would be challenging as we have to arrange and rearrange things that would look impressive. The clutters of past should be disposed off and only the required items be displayed in such a way that even the small room should not make it clumsy. Do you have the knack to arrange things that should be making space for living ?
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    Much would depend upon family members living in the rooms. There are certainly ways to renovate the area with taking up some arrangements. Sofas, TV and Beds are to be placed in such a way providing gorgeous look to the entire room. We should not necessarily compare our accommodation with others since it is our possession and we are here to beautify it with some arrangements. There are a lot of people arranging their space looking attractive without investing much by way of renovations.

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    Irrespective of the size of the room or the house we can keep the house neat and clean by arranging the articles in the room in a proper way. Some people will have the interest of properly organising their houses. They keep their house always good looking.
    It is always advisable to have furniture based on the size of the house and the number of people living in the house. When I was doing my PhD, we used to stay 6 members of my family in Vizag in a single room only. But my aunt and my sisters used to arrange the articles very neatly and the room used to appear very nice and clean. Later on, we have shifted to a little bigger house.
    As a matter of fact, if the family members have the interest to maintain the house neat and clean they can maintain the same neatly.

    always confident

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    I agree with the author's view. Proper arrangement and re-arrangement can make a room appear and feel more roomy and spacious.
    I have experience in this regard. Our present home is relatively has a small area. However many of our furniture are in 'knocked down/ foldable pattern. These furniture we had bought when we were in Mumbai where we had a still smaller space home. So we could keep large furniture in our present home rooms. Visitors initially curve their foreheads on a preliminary view of our home and have a lesser impression due t its small area. But when we demonstrate how we use the various furniture they feel amused. Then we tell them how it is advantageous to us as we have all normal facilities , but lesser area and more ease to dust and broom our rooms.

    Then, we go on experimenting on re-arrangement and have ultimately arrived at a most convenient space arrangement now.

    As the thread authors has opined, removal of clutter saves a lot of space. But I admit, I do not score full marks in this regard.

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    Yes, the author's suggestion is correct. When we make any kind of change in the facing of the room, it often seems to be systematic and probably most of the families try this method in the rooms of their homes. It is also not possible to get a new item every time and neither the house nor room is changed frequently, but the change in the system is definitely an easy and proper way. I have often been following this method in my study room and every time I have liked the change which also brings some newness.

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    A perfect room is said to be one where there is a space for everything one has and also everything is kept in its place. Keeping things in order is a great art and few people possess it. When we talk of arranging things in a room then we should have some sleek and deep cupboard where we can store a lot of items. The adjustable drawers also come handy for these arrangements. Using the space high on the walls and behind the doors etc is a thing that has to be examined crucially. Using the multipurpose furniture is also one way to have more space within the small room. One important point without which we can never keep a room in order is that after using an item we must keep it back in its place. That helps us to a large extent because next time when you need it you get it easily and do not search in the whole of the house.
    Rearranging will also give a new look and more knowledge about space savings but main thing is to keep the tempo of the order in the room to be maintained for a long time.

    Knowledge is power.

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