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    Are human rights a stumbling block in fighting evils like terrorism and naxalism?

    The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) recently conducted the annual debate competition for the Central Armed Police Forces. The topic of the debate is "Are human rights a stumbling block in fighting evils like terrorism and Naxalism?". The very purpose of the NHRC is to protect human rights. The topic of discussion is fixed by the NHRC. It is ironic that an institution established for protecting the human rights of the citizens itself chose such a topic that is contrary to its duty. The topic chosen has attracted criticism from many quarters. Members, your comments, please.
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    Very good on the part of NHRC in raising a competition debate on Human rights a stumbling block in fighting the evils like terrorism and naxlism for CAPF. In this regard what I would like to represent in this way that when ever the police or the law enforcing agencies are taking action and doing encounter on terrorists , naxalites and even hard core criminals, the human rights organization raise the issue and approach the court for intervention. We all know how the rapists of a doctor Disha in Hyderabad was killed in encounter and that was made sensation by human rights activists and now the Police high official has been made to visit the court now and then. So human rights should not interfere in those matter when the hard core criminality has been confirmed of the act and the law has every right to eliminate them. And that was public wish too.
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    I feel the topic is not apt for that organisation. Naxals and terrorists are also human beings. So we should see with a humanitarian angle towards them also. Why they are becoming terrorists? If we eliminate that root cause we may not see terrorists and Naxals.
    But at the same time, we should think of the human beings who are suffering because of the acts of terrorists and Naxals. We ignore some innocent people who suffer because of the acts of these people. That is also not correct. So this human rights protection commission should think both ways and should support the people who are really suffering and who are really innocent.
    A human being will have rights but he has no right to curb the rights of other human beings. Such people should not get the support of NHRC also. That may be the reason for NHRC to select this topic.

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