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    Without wisdom hard work is useless

    Often times, you might have seen people saying like this" do work hard for getting success". I think only hard work is not key to success. I have noticed that many people do hard work and becomes fail in life. On the other hand, some people never do hard work and after little effort get success. I think the main reason behind this success is to apply wisdom. Some people work hard without thinking any thing and so they are failed. As per my view, without applying wisdom effort goes waste in life. Dear member, what is your opinion about it?
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    For that matter the wisdom is drawn from whole lots of experience of life and that includes the failures. Hard work has become need of the hour in many places to be apart from others who do not work at all or to be superior than those who does the average work. Hard working people are never discarded and even respected by the managements. But as said by the author there need to gauging of situation now and then and hard work on all aspect need not be the criteria. Where there is a smart way to get out of the situation hard work does not required and that seems to be fooling the self. So here comes the wisdom and taking stalk of the situation to warrant timely remedial action for the formidable winnable situation. Again using the wisdom at right time and at the right place also matters for perfect scoring.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have a difference of opinion on this particular issue. Even though your wisdom is less by working hard you will be successful. Even though you are very wise without working you will not be successful in your endeavours. A combination of both is the best.
    A wise man may get better results with a little work. But a person who is not wise can also be successful by working hard and understanding the issue properly. The proportion of hard work required may vary with wisdom but it will not be zero in any case. Anyhow the term hard work is comparative.

    always confident

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    Hard work without having any past experience is unlikely to bring success. Experience is the essential component providing you to tackle the varied situations coming in the ways of our doing work. Wisdom comes from the experience and it is definitely desirable to carry out the jobs successfully. Wisdom follows with our experience and so experience is necessary in all the jobs we are undertaking. However, considering two people in the same job, one would take less time in completion of the job whereas the other one would need more time to accomplish the same. So here wisdom comes into picture.

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    According to my, Wisdom and Hard Ward are two different things but of equal importance, when we see the importance of these subjects with success and victory in life, then we find that without hard work, all the wealth, intelligence, and wisdom of a person is in vain. . So one thing is certain from this that without hard work, a person cannot achieve anything, but it is also true that only hard work can bring success, it is not said for sure, so the person should make a balance and carry out the tasks so that his hard work in the right direction.

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    Some people work like donkeys' and do not get any good outcome while some others use their intelligence ,put less effort and get the best results.

    The reason is that the donkeys' do not have any brain and we say when someone acts dumb,'you are as stupid as a donkey'.

    My view is with the power of wisdom ,hardwork will not have much value.
    Radha Muralidhar

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