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    By showing varied emotions on face, are we wearing disguises every day?

    Right from the morning till bed time, we are emoting so many ways of face expressions, sometimes happy. many a times sad, and when some unwanted guests visit our homes suddenly, our expressions outside would be different. And in the class if someone scores one marks more than us surely face expression changes with anger. And if someone suffers either loss or damage of their property we get electrified emotion inside but would regretting outside. Do you think that by showing varied emotions on face, are we wearing disguises every day?
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    Sometimes we may have to hide our emotions. When we are in serious problems and some guests come we may pretend as if we are alright. But other times there is no necessity for us to hide our emotions. If we are angry with someone, we should tell them why we are angry. If we are happy we can show our happiness to others openly and there is no necessity to hide them. It all depends on the situation and our position at that particular moment.
    We may not be very happy with the decision given by our boss in the office we can't show that unhappiness on our face to him. We have to pretend if we are very happy with his decision.

    always confident

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    A person goes through various situations throughout his day, some of which arise due to external elements and some due to the person's own mental thinking thoughts. The same thing is common in both the situations and that is the emotion, whether the person is happy, sad, angry or in love, in all the cases his emotion is playing an important role and this feeling is in the form of expression of a person. We can easily see on the colloquial or face. Yes, to a certain extent, it is such that we are roaming around with different costumes which we have to wear from time to time, but we would have come to know about it later and others get to know it earlier because we cannot see some aspects of our buildings which can be easily seen by the front. So when we know our emotions and expression are easily noticed by others then we should be more conscious towards them.

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    All humans have love,hatred, jealousy,anger,pride, sympathy, empathy and are sometimes highly emotional when it comes to their near and dear ones. It is human nature to hide their feelings sometimes so that the other person doesn't get hurt For example,when a child gets hurt badly,the parents don't show their anxiety and remain calm so that the child does not get panicky .

    On the other hand,when a close friend's attitude changes all of a sudden,we openly question them for their sudden transformation and burst out .

    Ultimately,true feelings come out in the open and it is not possible to lock it.
    Radha Muralidhar

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