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    Advertisements have a great effect on impressing people to buy commodities at a large scale

    Every one is aware of the power of advertisements to lure people to purchase right from a small pin to large Vilas and high end SUVs. When we drive on the busy roads,we did hoardings,sign boards and even trees are not spared. They have advertisements nailed on them.

    To ilustate,a famous model with a wig f bouncy and curly hair advertises for a popular shampoo and conditioner. As it is aired regularly in the midst of soap operas ,the viwer buys it which results in
    gain for the company.

    And children are also innocent targets . During their favorite shows, advertisements of chocolates,toys ,shoes,bags appaear and their parents upon being asked by their little ones to buy these things get them what they need.

    Advertisements have been a part and parcel of our ives for many years and will be there in future also but I Hi-Tech form

    Radha Muralidhar
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    True. Advertisements are very important for sales. When you are introducing a new product into the market, you have to advertise the products in as many ways as possible, so that many people will come to know about the same. To attract new customers advertisement is very important. But to keep the customers loyal to the product, one should take care of the sustained performance. That performance will come by strictly maintaining the quality of the product. The manufacturer has to take care of external quality also as well. Presenting the product in a nice packing will also give an additional edge to the product.
    These days many manufacturers are depending on the advertisement. They make a small change in the product and try to highlight the same and see that more people will get attracted to that product. That is how the advertisements are becoming prominent to convince the customers.

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    True, and I totally agree with the author's view, there is no doubt that advertisements increase the marketing of any product by promoting it, and customers are attracted to a particular item by seeing the advertisements. Advertisements are made for different age groups according to different products, but they also have a special pattern that they display bored advertisements on the basis of TV channels and serials, For example, children's channels advertise only those products that attract children.

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    Advertisements are great revenue generating technique in marketing and there are different ways to garner the benefits for the company. Some does the pre-launch ads which shows attractive videos of the product being ready for market and enthuse interest in the buyers, The second type of advertisements are those which wants to sustain their presence even though they are market leaders and the customer base is good but the fear of competitors over taking them would force them to add the word "new" to every time they release ad to make an impression that improvised product in offing. And the third type of ads are those which is shown for new products and services being done and most of the ads are targeting the children and the females and that is why the insertions are in between the daily serials.
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    Advertisement definitely promotes sales and that would depend upon the way of presentation of the advertisement. Often we come across such advertisements which could influence the customers a lot with the skills of good write ups. However, this would be the rather the initial phase when the customers would be hooked to the products after an attractive advertisement is flashed in the different medias. Here the matter is not to end but the quality of the product has to be maintained or still better, the same is to be upgraded depending upon the customer's demand. The customers have been choosy of late and they want to have a superior product for the prices that they are to pay to the manufacturer. The manufacturer should take a note of the liking of the customer's demands.

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    Actually a good pictured advertisement is necessary to catch customers as told by a senior eminent author of Marketing Management that 'one time seeing worth thousand times telling' - the same was reiterated in a old Tamil cine song, Poet Kannadasan wrote, 'parvai ondre podhume pallaayiram sol vendumO' which means one time seeing is enough as no need to tell ten thousand words.
    Really the advertisement are impressing public with a view to helping the producers to a great extent in fetching a good market. But at the same time the advertisements which are coming in recent periods are just boring or with false contents.

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    Good advertising followed by good marketing is the essence of prosperity in any business. People come to know about the product only through advertising or when some friend or relative tells about the particular item that he had used it and the item was good. It would be interesting to know that big companies spend a lot on advertising. Whenever we visit a webpage in the internet we find so many advertisements there. Companies are vying with each other by advertising their products aggressively. They will come up with newer and newer offers and lure the customer. If the customer buys in the biulk they will give special discounts and other favours in form of coupons or loyalty points. So we are truly in an agressive advertising environment today and should be cautious of this because some advertisements will not be telling us the correct picture about the quality of the products and we might be misled by those advertisements.
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    That's why products are advertised. Manufacturers advertise their products to increase their reach, the more people see the advertisement, the more are the chances of a purchase. Advertisements showcase the unique features of the product and with increased competition, new terminologies are coined which many are not aware of. For example, many health drinks claim they have DHA in them but how many of us really know what is it all about? DHA is Docosahexaenoic acid which is also a type of omega-3 fatty acid and has some role in brain development. Likewise, there are many technical terminologies that many are not aware of but regard those terminologies as something special and important. At times advertising can be confusing and misleading too and the user has to make the correct decision. Whatever may be the product, we should not be crazy to purchase it because of the colourful advertisement. There are some important things to remember before purchasing the items of your choice and if required you have to take the help of others before making the purchase. Advertisements have a big role, equally, we have the choice whether to go for the product or not.

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