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    Do you have to know the language of songs you hear? Not at all.

    Songs are being sung and listened to by several people across the world. It is not necessary to know the meaning of the song or understand the beats because it makes the listener spellbound . Even westerners listen to Indian songs with great zeal. Some of them also learn and pronounce them so well.

    Even in India, films of regional languages are produced and the popular songs of the movies are sung by music lovers. When we watch some music competitions on TV we find competitors singing songs of other languages and winning laurels.

    Music relaxes your muscles and keeps you happy. If you listen to music for a while when you are angry, you feel relaxed.
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    The songs are mostly liked by its tune, music etc. rather than the language. Without knowing the language Telugu many more persons got addicted to Carnatic music. If the meaning known to a song the taste is difference. I went to Dattatreya Ashram in Mysore where I happened to sit before the swamiji who rendered speech on spiritual topic and he sung many songs in Kannada and samskrit. Though I do not know Kannada, I lost myself in the speech and songs. Later I came to know that the swamiji is a scholar in Music Therapy.
    Many people in 1977 have gone addicted in the cine songs of Hindi movies like Bobby, Aradhana etc., Without knowing the meaning Tamil people sung the songs by their own along with radio when the song was telecasted.

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    There are many ways to determine the likes to a song. If you ardent liker and wants to know the meaning of the lyrics and also enjoy the beats, then going into the detail is necessary. Some enjoy the song for the mere back ground and the beats forming part as the great song. And old songs are always accompanied by prelude beats which takes us to remember the scene and the song lyrics for sure and that is the reason being so old songs are still famed and remembered. Recently one song from Sri Lanka has been played in every phone and the beats are very good but we cannot understand the lyrics. Even I had enjoyed the song. So what is proved that we want to hear a good song accompanied with good music no matter the language was different. For that matter old English songs were so famous even today with the elders.
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    Music is a combination of sounds in a rythmic sequence and it soothes our mind and moderates our mood. It is said that music not only affects the human beings but also affects the animals and the plant kingdom around us. Definitely, music is a very powerful medium. There are some researches which indicate that having a music in the background sometimes increases the productivity of the work place.
    Music has basically two components one is the music itself and other is the lyrics associated with the music. Individual to individual it will differ whether they are more impressed by the music or the lyrics because some people like a particular song because of its lyrics while others only go for the musical part.
    If we hear simple tunes or musical compositions without the lyrics and feel happy with it then it surely means that we understand that music and enjoy it. But if we are more influenced and impressed by the lyrics then the situation is different because it simply means that we require the lyrics and without that we might not relish the song much.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Music can be enjoyed in any form. The tunes are really attractive. That is why instrumental music is also very popular among people. The language is not a problem to enjoy the music. That is why songs from other language movies are also enjoyed very much.
    But if we know the language and if we can understand the meaning of the song we can enjoy it much better. A very famous singer in Telugu Sri SP Balasubrahmaniyam always used to mention the importance of a word in the song. He used to tell the upcoming singers to give much importance to pronunciation also. He used to say tune, as well as word, is also very important for a song to make it attractive and to be liked by many people.
    When we hear a song we will easily get attracted to it if the tunes are attractive. Then we hear it again and then look for the beauty of the words.

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    Though we have discussed music on the forum this is an interesting thread by the author. Music is a sound and the evidence of this sound is also the universe, which contains various sounds in itself. When a person enjoys any music. It cannot be said that the importance of language or words is less because when the beauty of words flows in a rhythm with the music, it comes to our ears, it gives rest to the mind and we also feel it in other parts of our body. Huh. Music is really a gift or a boon which helps in making our life happy.

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    Music is said to be international language. If the music is good in most cases the lyrics and so the language becomes secondary.
    The first song I remember in another language is "Jana Gana Mana..". For a long time, it never occurred to me that it was in another language. "Vaishnava jan to .." and Raghupati Ragava Raja Ram.." were the other earlier songs in another language that I loved in my school days. Their devotional music was so enchanting and captivating to me even in my childhood days, that I did not bother about the lyrics but was just singing it as I heard it.

    There are still many songs-folk, classical and drama and film songs-which we involuntary hum without knowing the lyrics or language of the lyrics. That is all because of the main raga or tune or the background music. Did any on of us know the language ,or meaning of the nursery rhymes we loved so much?

    However nowadays it is better not to know the lyrics or meaning of the lyrics because many movie songs have bad or vulgar or double meaning lyrics, whereas they are nice to hear.

    A Tamil movie song which became 'viral; in those days was the 'kolaveri' song. That became very popular all over India, even though the original lyrics were in Tamil. Recent example is of 'Bahubali'.

    Similarly such songs with appealing music for all or certain target audience is always there. It is an additional advantage to enjoy some good songs if w know the language also. Many old film songs were having good philosophical content and so they need the knowledge of that language to enjoy the real meaning and sense.

    But when we take music as pleasing sound for the ears, then language is not at all imperative. Nature's music does not have any specific language.

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