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    Freak accidents to which we have no control

    Today I saw a freak accident which cannot be believed or envisaged beforehand as a person driving a scooter in front me fell suddenly and sustained injuries as mudguard frame of the vehicle which was loose has caught hold of the front tyre and the fast moving vehicle stopped suddenly. Every one was surprised to see the sudden accident. This is a warning to two-wheeler users to be vigilant and repair immediately anything that is loose-fitting.
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    It may look freak to onlookers but It is not so. The scooter rider did not get the bumper tightened. Had he attended to the repair, such an accident would not have happened. All the vehicle owners have to be careful to keep their vehicles in good condition.
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    Mohan, your conclusions are amusing. As KVRR has said, how can you call it a freak accident? It is an accident that has been caused due to negligence. A person driving a vehicle is supposed to check and know whether his vehicle is in perfect condition. If he could not make out that the front mudguard is loose when he started the ride, I think he should not be riding a bike/ scooter.
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    It is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to see the condition of the vehicle before he starts driving the vehicle. If the driver has seen that the accident might have been avoided. The accident is mainly due to negligence only.
    Generally. accidents are caused by small issues only. The root cause for many of the accidents is carelessness only. Many people clean the vehicle before they start the vehicle and while cleaning such small problems will be identified. If that is not done identifying these small issues is a problem.

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    Accidents happen due to many reasons. The first and foremost is when it is our fault. The post which has mentioned the scooter accident belongs to almost this category only. The second category of accidents is when it is not our fault but someone does a mistake and we are caught in that accident. For example a speeding vehicle behind us knocking us and we will lose our balance and accident takes place. Another example is where we are going in the street and something falls on our head from the above from a balcony of a building. Someone might had carelessly dropped that.
    The third category is that of the freak accidents. In that situation it is nobody's fault but it happens. We can't do anything for freak accidents because we only know about them when they happen.

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    It is said that before taking any vehicle in one's hands, one should have full knowledge, knowledge about it, but at the same time, caution is the most important fact. Just as this incident, which is mentioned in the thread by the author, was gross negligence which had a bad result. When a person is a driver, then he should understand that small negligence or risk can become a big incident. Often people make such mistakes in overconfidence and later crate troubles for themselves and for their loved ones too.

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    For our own safety, it would be necessary to check the entire assembly of our vehicles prior to our movements. There could be minor defects such as horn, lights etc are not functional or otherwise there could be minor defects such as loose fitting of the mudguards, using old tyres apparently looking fit and host of minor issues. Not necessarily, every time, we would meet with the accidents, but it would be better to plug the loop holes.

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    I saw in the newspapers that a Telangana based person lost control and drove his over-speeding two-wheeler into a textile shop. He fell into the service counter and the bike fell in the middle of buyers. A few customers and the sales personnel nearby were injured and some damage was caused to the shop. Though he escaped with minor injuries, he will have to face legal consequences. I don't understand why many people do not drive their vehicles with care and at normal speed.

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