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    Are our beliefs based on information or experience?

    We go through different situations in our life and make different experiences a part of life and on the basis of that our beliefs or sometimes even superstitions start forming. When we experience something, we are our own witnesses and we cannot deny it, so it is natural to believe in it, but when we get information or knowledge from others, we may get confused, some seem to be reliable facts but There are some things that we can't believe without experience. But it is also true that we cannot live all the experiences in one life and sometimes the experiences of others can also guide us. Which belief should be stronger for a person than his experience or information from others is a thoughtful consideration.
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    Our beliefs come both from experience and information.

    They may start from the input information. But they get reinforced only from experience. For example if we need something (say a job, an admission or a cure for a illness) and someone directs us to a certain person or place, we keep a belief that it will be so. But if w reach the target and our need is not satisfied, then we lose faith in the person who directed us and in the target belief too. However if our need is satisfied b that, then our belief is also satisfied and it get reinforced.

    This becomes all the more when our belief is on something that cannot be bought by money or the targets which are not easily felt or seen. We may believe them if our experience is good even when the information was not there. or even it was wrong. But if experience was not good or against belief, then we will shed that belief even if the information was right and scientific.

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    It is the fact that the beliefs are based on the concrete experiences of the past gone through by our elders and that information has been passed on this generation who takes light and mocks at the implementation of the same. By the way no elders would say wrong thing as there cannot any personal benefit or the advantage for them to spread wrong information. And elders always have the habit of making the things right and the system right when the wrong things are seen happening in their own eyes. While personal experience is always good to understand a matter, but for that one must have the interest and eagerness to know the right of it. Invariably due to paucity of time and energy, we take it granted what the elders say and there is no second opinion about that. By the way personal experience also goes through process derived from elders experience.
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    Many beliefs in our lives are actually acquired during our growing up time under the shelter of our parents and whether these things are logically correct or not it doesn't matter much as we just acquire them because we hear them umpteen number of times from our parents, relatives, and friends.
    Other than that also we acquire these things from our experience and understanding of the things in a broader perspective.
    Frankly speaking we should not have any faith or confidence in any belief until and unless it is practically confirmed and tested by us not only in one case but in many cases.
    The interesting thing about beliefs is that when many people believe in it then others also start to follow it without confirming its strength and correctness. Rational people must avoid that situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't think that one must form any belief or notion on the basis of knowledge got from others as I always find subjectivity in their views or opinion or perception. We are endowed with reasoning power which is the best guide for us, this is why I always assert that this uncanny acumen should always be used. But sometimes, situation regarding any decision becomes tricky as merely reasoning power fails to decide until feelings of heart are also taken care of. However, when one has to decide or conclude with the help of reasoning power or heart , I think former should be preferred. It is also observed that superstition and wrong notion are housed in someone ' heart if he is carried away by heart touching views or feelings. Why I am saying this, actually, in this age we have come across a new trend where some prominent personalities are presented as infallible public figures and whole of this process is staged by media or hired- people on every platform where their propaganda can reach crowd.

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    Some are from our experiences and some are from others' experiences, The information we get from other sources also maybe their experience. By seeing or hearing or experiencing we form our beliefs. Our parents may tell us their beliefs and we start believing them. We teach our children the same. This will continue.
    Sometimes the beliefs we have maybe proven wrong with our experience. When such things happen repeatedly we will change our beliefs also.
    Whatever beliefs we have, we may be forced to do certain things against our beliefs and when the results of such actions are positive we start doubting our beliefs.

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    Our beliefs are based on information through other's experiences. In some cases we give as information on our experience. A man fallen in a pit only can advise or alert others to avoid the pit, if others neglect his advise the loss is to them only and not to the advising person. One should believe to at least some extent others information. Our elders paved so many safety alerts, for example, washing our hands and legs whenever we come inside the house from outside etc., but we neglect those advice but we are facing endanger like Corona virus and bound to hear many advice through doctors, advertisements etc., Every alert or information given by our elders are only for our welfare but we by believing we are over smart questioning them with unnecessary probes and thereby neglect them.

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