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    Do you believe in lucky days or numbers or anything like that?

    When I was in school, we used to play many games among friends, in some of them we used to tell each other lucky numbers or lucky days through the game, and sometimes a particular number was lucky by chance. It was about the fun days of school days, which are probably forgotten. But we find such people around us and perhaps some of us also take special care about which day, number, object even the person, is lucky or unlucky. Do you also have a special lucky sign whatever the number, day, color, or whatever? If yes then share your lucky sign also share the story associated with the lucky sign that actually makes it lucky for you.
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    I was brought up in my maternal grandparents' home until I was ten years old . My grandfather was a a sort of rationalist even though he believed in God. He used to explain everything n the basis of ration, logic and real practicality. He believe in honest, sincere hard work and did not believe in easy money, luck etc. So I also got such traits even from my childhood. Hence I also did not believe in luck, chance, talisman, etc. but had reposed faith on honest, sincere hard work and good relationship. I also believed in God as I consider humans are also imperfect and there are certain things beyond their control.

    My general attitude from childhood till now is like " Pray to God, oh! sailor, but row towards the shore". i will put my efforts with full focus and sincerity but along with that I will pray to God to make me successful in my efforts and lead me on the right path. That is I will not rest simply believing on luck, chance etc. but will work hard and then ask God for his support in strengthening me and making me face and overcome challenges.
    I still start my day with sincere prayer to God, and end my day by a short prayer to God (thinking in mind) and in between these two I put my efforts towards my purpose.

    There were many situations in y life when I had to really struggle and swim against current. Many times failure was so near. But I continued my efforts simultaneously praying to God when I felt helpless. By God's Grace I could come out happily in all those situations.

    I do not like to just sit lazy putting responsibility on lucky days, lucky numbers etc. but pray and at the same time row towards my destination.

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    While lucky days and lucky numbers do exist and that would work rightly if one has the right information about the right time of birth, place and the day of birth. Because every person when born is guided by the star and the raasi or constellation of stars, the happenings would be truly as per the predictions. But what I feel we are getting mixed reactions in our life on alternate way. For example if today was challenging, tomorrow seems to be more easing. Monday begins with good note because the first working day of the week and everyone would be dedicated and many things happen on Monday. Tuesday would be dull and not favorable. Again Wednesday would be positive and Thursday may be average. Friday may be nil and Saturday seems to damn nothing. This is the personal experience of mine over the years.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though planets have favourable roles sometimes in reshaping our lives but our philosophy should not be necessarily acceptance of the effects of planets. Once we follow the effects of the movements of the planets in our lives, we would be lethargic in our efforts. The basic rules in getting the success would depend upon our passion, perseverance, patience and dedication and understanding the basics of works. The positive traits behind our struggles need to understood very clearly. In some situations, shortcut methods have yielded results but such numbers are rare and hence should not be resorted to. Hard work and believing in the existence are the two separate issues and should not be mixed with. One can dedicated to one's task but at the same time one may accept the divine power.

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    I believe in auspicious times and I try to start any new work on an auspicious day. I got it from my parents. I believe in astrology, numerology and lucky number etc. Whatever I started on an auspicious day is successful only so far. I am talking about my personal works. But as far as professional work is concerned, we have to do as per the requirement. We can't wait for an auspicious day.
    My sister's husband is very particular about this auspicious time. He will see a good time for starting his journey. He will see a good time for entering into the house also. If the time is not good, he will wait outside somewhere for some time and then only he will enter the house. He never starts any work without seeing the time. He forces all his family members to follow his instructions and he will decide the date and time to start any work.

    always confident

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