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    Let's learn something from the children - Happy Children's Day!

    It is always said that children are true to heart, today 14th November is celebrated every year as Children's Day which is very special. We all too were once children and understand the importance of this day. Children are our biggest assets for us and the future of the country and society is also depends on them. We should give the right guidance and support to these children, but at the same time, we should also learn a lot from innocent children because there is no age limit for teaching-learning.

    We have always known that children prove to be good teacher who teaches us not by talking but by their actions. We should include such lessons in our lives. I live in a joint family and I also have children in my family, from whom I have really learned a lot.

    Today, on this special day of children, let's share our experiences when we learned something from our family or nearby children and also implemented it in our life. I am waiting for the response of the authors.

    With this, wishing all the children a very Happy Children's Day!!!!
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    Happy children's day for that loving moment of joy and happiness they spread with their august presence in every home. Children are the great stress busters and their innocent smile would make us forget all the sadness and challenges of the day. Here I want to mention about one child she is 18 months old but could not pick up the speech very well but the way she gestures and stress the point through the actions, and face expressions that's very awesome and we have learned the way of communication so apt and so sure through her actions and thus the need for proper speech was not felt. Normally the children pick up the words while the elders speak, but when in a house different languages are being spoken, the child gets confused and opted to do gestures instead of saying words and that is the awesome behavior.
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    "Children's Day" is celebrated in our country on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the first Prime Minister of this country. Nehruji is also fondly called 'Chacha Nehru' as he was said to be fond of children. He was fond of education to the young and established many prestigious educational institutes. In 1955, he established the Children's Film Society of India, to promote films exclusively for children's entertainment. Nehruji firmly believed that the way we bring up the children, will decide the future of the country. After the demise of Nehruji, his birthday is celebrated as ' "Children's Day", to honour him.
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    Happy children day for all the members of ISC. My respects to the first prime minister of India, Nehruji. on his birthday.
    The children are really innocent and they never keep anything in their minds. They are very open and talk very openly. They never think that if they talk openly some people may get hurt. They don't know polished talk. They laugh, weep and play as per their emotions and make others happy.
    Many times we try to hide facts from others. But these kids never do that. They always say facts only. All elders should learn from the children that we should not tell lies and we should be frank in our opinions.

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