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    Cowherd gets notice of GST! What is wrong with GST?

    When the country has formidably increased the collection of GST from almost every person across the country, the system needs to be further compatible and make it more realistic. A cowherd of Karnataka gets notice of GST when his income is hardly 2000 per month. Unfortunately the GST evaders of the big kind are not yet traced nor recovery has been made, but the poor who are living with pittance get the tax notice and that mocks the very system and there needs to be higher intervention in the matter. What's wrong with GST working style?
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    It is not the fault of GST or it is not a problem with the GST working style. One of the close friends of this person missed the details given by this person and showed a huge transaction in the bank account of the Cowherd. This fraud is from one of his family friends only. This is what I read in the newspaper.
    This cowherd wanted to buy a cow and his family friend told him that he will arrange a loan from a bank and take all the details. Thinking that his friend will never deceive him the cowherd has given all the details. His friend used to say that the loan work is under process and used to ask him to tell the OTP. That is how he did some fraud using his bank account. Now the police are trying to unearth the whole issue.
    It is good that a notice from the GST department has made the cowherd understand how is getting cheated by his own friend. This is a lesson for everybody and we should not share OTPs with anybody.

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