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    Some good services are still going on silently

    Our country is famous for good deeds and cultural based one. Everybody is expected to do good deeds to their possible extent. Some of them do some deeds for their name and fame. But among the people in various parts of our country doing their good deeds without expecting any fame and name.
    I read in a message that a Pune based doctor,Dr.Ganesh refused to get his fees and other hospital expenses for a delivery he attended which results in a female baby. Later it came to light that the doctor never accepts money for the treatment and delivery when a female baby born to the mother.
    Similarly a Women Police Inspector, Rajeswari Madam, of North Chennai removed a person injured under a tree fallen in the heavy rainfall at Chennai,by herself on her shoulder and sent the injured person to the hospital by fetching auto. Her services applauded by the department well. By seeing the scene in photos we can understand the dedication in her and she should be a role model to everyone not only to police personnel.

    we should salute them
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    Good observation from the author as many are among us and they are doing good services to the society and that is not reported nor appreciated and that is great gesture. I came across one auto which says that for the pregnant women, the service is free. But what the Pune doctor Ganesh has been doing is the great sacrifice as for every female child delivered by his patient,there fees are not charged and even hospital expenses. And the courageous lift of Police officer Rajeswari who shifted the injured person during the Chennai rains recently speaks of great services by the great souls. In Hyderabad there is a person who does free cremation for unclaimed dead bodies and this person has gone one step further of the free services. My hats off to this man who gives the farewell to the dead bodies in a most respected manner.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    That is true. There are people who like to help the needy without any thoughts of benefit. I know a doctor in our village who used to serve poor people without expecting any fees from them. It is a small village and the doctor knows all the villagers and their financial status. So he will not charge any consultation fee from the poor people of that village. He used to give some free medicines also to some poor people. The people used to call him Devudu (God). He never advertised about this service anywhere.
    Serice to a human being is a service to God. So we should serve the needy to the possible extent. We may not be able to do a great service. But we should not hesitate to do whatever small help we can do.

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    The author has depicted the noble services of some of the people living around us. He has highlighted the fact of a doctor resident of Pune not accepting his fees in the event of delivery of a female child. This is definitely a commendable job on the part of the doctor and we being the sensible citizens should take a note of this and whatever is possible from our end, we must donate for the welfare of marginalised people. Similarly the job of the police officer Rajeshwari reminds us of the humanity still present in our people and such emotions burst out if the situation warrants.

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    The author has posted an excellent post about the good Samaritan in our society.
    There are some people who are doing good deeds in this world and helping the needy persons. Percentage wise their number may be smaller but the service they are rendering is very big. In any society when number of such people is more the society will develop and progress and other people will also start doing good things as they will be inspired and encouraged by the good people.
    Definitely we salute to these people who are doing selfless service to the society and we must learn and try to follow the path of light that they are showing to us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Swami Vivekananda has a saying "where is the heaven where is hell? Who says it is far from us? Heaven and hell are among us.
    When we are filled with self-loathing in the illusion of intellect, then hell and when we meet in the full bond of love and affection, then heaven is sheltered in our house. Those who believed in this concept can engage themselves in the service of mankind. But one thing to keep in mind these days is that it should not be just for advertising, but for truly serving the community. Yes, there are many good people really living in the society and we should follow them for the shake of our society.

    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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