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    Our heart got hurt by seeing such people

    Recently a death occurred in my next house. An old lady died due to cardiac arrest. Her son and daughter were in other country. On their arrival a relative of them sent messages to her relatives. Some relatives residing in the local city came and final rites went on. But later on I heard through his relative who sent the message to all of her relatives, told me with broken voice that some of the relatives of the lady, who died, did not came for final funeral as the information was not given by her son or daughter. How can they expect the grieved person should give the message to them. I am unable to digest this on hearing from him. Then how others will help in such occasions, if the people are of such thought.
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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my neighbor who was a retired lawyer and his wife a household person. They have only one daughter resides in US. His wife had the cardiac problem and suddenly she died. Father called the daughter to attend the funeral as the body would be kept till she arrived. She said no by saying ticket problem. The father felt very anguished and within three months he expired. Now the colony President called her and she just said to finish the funeral formalities and the money would be sent. Only two weeks back she came back to take the possession of father properties and the assets and the colony people refused to cooperate with her. So there are people who does not care for the death of the parents and their behavior would create heart burn for us and we get much annoyed.
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    There are different types of people in this world.
    My cousin sister's son who is about 15 years old died recently in Hyderabad. Their native place is Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. The grandfather and grandmother were with the boy in Hyderabad only. But they decided to carry the dead body to their native place as many of their relations are there in their native place and they wanted to see at least the dead body of the boy. It all depends on the mentality and the family culture.
    When we know that somebody related or known to us expired we will try to go and see the family members and express our grief to them. There is no necessity that somebody should inform us. But all people may not think in the same lines.

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    At the time of such unfortunate happenings we should co-operate and help the family which is going under such a grief. At that time we should not make any ego issue as to regarding who has invited us and who is supposed to invite us and should not bother as what are the social protocols in all these matters. If someone is having an ego like that and behaves like that then it is in a bad taste. Anyway, we should not do such things from our side and whenever we get an information of that nature then instead of finding out who has informed us or should have informed us, we should rush to the spot and extend help whatever possible from our side. That is the demand of the occasion and we should stand to it.
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