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    Why some people fixed a line for them in eating some items also.

    Pure vegetarian people do not eat Non vegetarian items on any situation even they starve. But I am seeing many people do not eat items which are normally eaten by similar people of them if made differently.
    I went to all States of our country and used to buy the items such as sweets etc. which are famous there to my house. All my family persons including aged father and mother tasted them very interestingly. My father was much interested in tasting the aam-pads available in Vijayawada and whenever I cross Vijayawada buy for him.
    Now my father, mother and wife are not alive. Recently with the old thoughts, I bought a sweet called Ghaver, a famous sweet of Jaipur for my family persons. It is little bit costly. Everybody in our family tasted well but my aunt refused to take even a bit as she was very much addicted to certain food items though she is not very conservative.
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    There is nothing wrong with tasting a new dish. Of course, we can't force a vegetarian to eat a non-vegeterian dish. But a vegetarian can taste all types of vegetarian foods. After tasting the same, if the taste is not liked by the individual he/she can stop eating further.
    There are some people who are very specific about their food habits. They will never deviate from such habits. I know a priest who never eats food made outside. Whenever he goes to another place he will inform some of his relatives in that place and go to their house and eat there. if nobody is there in that place, he will eat only fruits and drinks milk. So the habits of the individuals vary.

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    For the elders who have not gone out of the house since their childhood and does not have the idea of the foods or food items that are available across the country they have no other options but to refuse the same. When they are happy with their fixed kind of recipes then why should they try for new items to which they have lots of apprehension and doubts. For that matter the vegetarian people would not eat food at those hotels which serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian food in Hyderabad. Though the hotels claim that the dishes were made by different cook, but eating vegetarian food amid customers eating non vegetarian is something out of thinking for many. By the way the taste and new food liking is the matter we should leave to the choice of the persons and that cannot be forced just because we liked it.
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    Some people are having liking for only a few items and they would only take those items and avoid other items and even would not experiment with other new items. This is a personal choice. But such individuals are very few. Most of the people like eating a variety of dishes and try a new dish wherever they go or visit during their fun trips. Trying newer and newer food opens up to the various cuisines and food items pertaining to different places and gives a variety of taste and flavour. Sometime we may not like some of those new items but in general a new taste is always a welcome measure.
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