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    Your favorite place at home. Every family member goes to his or her cosy corner at home .

    Home is a special place where all the family members join and discuss various issues.However,some people like to sit alone and spend some 'me time ' at their chosen place be it window side,or reading table next to the bed or some other place.

    For example ,when I want to write something,I do it in my small work space. Thoughts come to me automatically because of the correct ambience. Some people who are interested in trying out new cuisine,take their smart phones to the kitchen and cook there.

    Parents always inculcate the habit of studying at the study space allotted to their childrent where in a table,chair and book shelf are neatly arranged by them

    I am sure some of you would also have such a place at your house where you feel comfortable to spend time.

    Radha Muralidhar
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    The author has depicted a situation wherein the members of the family would like to have their own preferred place to carry on their creativities in an isolated place or even they would use the same place for some rest at their predetermined time. Entire family members do have their allocated space and would not like to shift the same all of sudden since that would affect their performance in terms of their studies or continuation of their pursued hobbies. Location of such places to the different members provide them psychological support to sustain their hobbies and any change of such a designated place might impact their performance which they would not like at any cost.

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    My favorite place in my house is hall only.I never sit isolated except the time of meditation. I ask my family persons also to sit in hall collectively and talk generally by sharing comments and happenings. This is the best way, according to me, to have a freedom of talking and no hide and seek between the family members as all of us talking only about our family topic. In some times, if I or any person fell sick and want to sleep or lie down calmly we used to occupy the room, that too by kept the door opened. According to me there should not be any secrecy between house members and if we keep some secret talks automatically it pave the way to gossips and quarrels.

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    We have two big sofas and one small sofa in our hall and I will be sitting in one corner of the sofa facing north always. I will have a table mate which I will be using to keep my laptop and work. In our house, we have the habit of sitting together in the hall when we are free. We have 4 bedrooms and 2 halls in the house. My two sons will be using their bedrooms for working during day time when they are working from home. When I have some important work or an online meeting I will go to my bedroom. Otherwise, we all will be in the hall only. When any personal friend or somebody comes for a specific work, they will be sitting in the other hall on the first floor and we will be going there and meeting them as required. Relatives and common friends will be received in the hall on the ground floor itself.
    I feel very comfortable when I sit in the corner of our sofa with my table mate and computer. There is a plug point also there and charging of laptop is also easy by using that plug point.

    always confident

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    Rightly said by the author that we would choose one or the other place permanently to sit and think of those matters which bothers us much and for me sitting in the hall beneath the fan and reclining on easy chair is the favorite place because I could also view the television news or series that is going on. I would not sit anywhere in the house which has four rooms and one big hall. Even the children have their own place of sitting and my daughter has a particular place to sit and read. While sleeping also I would not sleep anywhere else except my bed and the retiring to the same is fixed and not postponed at all. Likewise each one of the family members chose to sit in their own way and at their liked place so that inclusive happiness would be derived from it. Fortunately I can get sleep even on my easy chair.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Everyone in the family generally will have a place of ones choice and would be settling there while working alone or may be reading a book or listening to songs.
    I have two places in my house where I pass my time pleasantly. One is my study table where I work in online portals of my choice and other is my balcony where I can sit for some time calmly almost in a meditating state. Everyone knows that I am obsessed with these two places and would be available there most of the times.

    Knowledge is power.

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