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    Sometimes our calculations fails as others are seems to be correct

    We felt bad if we see some our relations or friends are derailing from the nature and at that times we used to correct them or advise them to correct themselves. We think that we are correct and they are derailing from the nature. But that also fails in sometimes. A friend of mine never like in meeting his relatives or any functions of either his side or his wife's side. I by seeing this one time, I told him no to follow this rule and make some relaxations so as the relations are necessary forever. But one day I went to a marriage function of our relative (later came to know that that party also related to my friend) a talk came in the middle but that person simply told that calling him(my friend) is a waste as he never like to participate in any function, that is his character and nothing to mistake it. So here I realized, he became a correct one and correcting ourselves wrong.
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    Our all calculations may not be right at all the time and there are some exceptions too. As regards to disregard of a person towards relations of both sides speaks the volume that he has gone through enough dishonor at their hands and hence want to maintain the distance. Some of the relatives have cut their relations long back and what is happening in their house is not known to us. But suddenly one day the death news comes through some one to which we regret and also pass the obituary reference. That is not required at all , when during the life if the relations are not caring for each other, then what is the necessity to hold their death as the big loss. At least their children should learn that by keeping aloof and away is the great loss to them and the connection between the families would cut for even and no return.
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    That is true. Always we may not be correct. We may also go wrong. One should know their mistakes and try to correct themselves before somebody notices our mistakes and try to correct us. Thinking that we are only correct always is a bad trait. As a matter of fact, we will find rarely a person who never committed any mistake.
    Your friend is not having the habit of attending any function and this was noticed by his relatives also. Attending or not attending is the decision of the individual. But being alone and not mixing with people is not good for anybody. We should have some friends and we should maintain good relations with our relatives. That is very important because we don't know what is there for us in the coming days and we may require some help from others. That is why attending functions, meeting people and mixing with people is regarded as a good practice and many people follow the same.

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    No one can be correct all the time and it can be thought of as a part of our regular activities. The author might have thought of changing his friend's nature so that his friend can stay in touch with others but his friend thought it in another way. There are people like his friend who never like to socialize and prefer to stay alone. It's a trait and it may not be so easy to alter such traits. Socializing is always important rather than remaining active in social networking platforms.

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    Without knowing about the other person in details and also without knowing the situation he is in if we think that we are correct and he is wrong and doing incorrect things then it is too much of the conjecturing from our side only.
    People have their own ways of living and there might be some solid reasons behind doing so or behind behaving in a particular fashion. So it is always better to get all the details about the person and his situation and then only make a comment or suggestion if at all it is required to be made.

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