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    Physical education is just as important as academic education

    A strong sound body is the root of all happiness in life. In addition to school and college academic education, physical education is very important, especially in the modern world, due to technology, facilities have become easier to get and we are enjoying it all in a lazy way. But our future generation cannot participate in today's world just by keeping the eye on the pages of a book. so a vibrant and strong character to get rid of the sleeping world of disease our future youth must obey the true use of physical education in their life. Because it not only improve their health and mental ability to develop, it will help their Character building, Develop nationalism and international feeling, Career opportunity, and finally strong nation-building. What is your thinking?
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    I am also of the view that Physical education is as important as the academic education and every school need to formulate and plan such activities which would give formidable strength t the strong and sound body of the students. But the way physical activities should not at the losing of academic classes as it would normally happens. For example when I was asked to take the NCC and national social service activities, I refused because the main classes were taken during those services and I fear of losing the connect of the education of daily portions. So if there is a exclusive day for the physical education and that should not disturb the original studies, that is most welcome and every student would join. Even daily there can be practice of the same and that should be also after the school hours so that much dedication can be done.
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    Physical education is also essential. That is why when we were in high school we used to have some dedicated periods for this subject. There were two PE teachers in our school and they used to make us do physical exercises and they used to give coaching in different games. They used to conduct competitions in the school and they used to send the winners to sports events at the district level and state level. I represented our Scouts team in many scout camps at the state level.
    These physical activities will keep our minds and body fresh. This physical education will make us understand how to maintain the body in a proper way. We may also be able to decide on the exercises and game s which will be suitable to us if we have some knowledge in physical education also.

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    Just doing warm up exercises after the customary morning prayers at the school grounds does not amount to physical education. It is the fact that students need to be brisk and making them to be fit in the class room warm up exercises are necessary and some schools are portraying this as the physical activities in their school brouchers seeking new admissions. Physical education includes sports activities, running, jumping , chasing and other kind of actions which exerts pressure and performance from the students.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Physical education must be the part of our education in the schools since the pupils are neither interested nor they have the time to carry such activities in other times. Hence the school management should ensure such activities along with the normal activities. NCC was the integral part in our olden days and there was no way to escape from such activities in those days. The teacher dealing with the physical education was specifically for this purpose and he was not supposed to take part in other activities. Drilling, jumping and other activities were included in the morning hours prior to the start of teaching classes. The headmaster of the schools were strict enough to enforce such activities in their schools without fail. This should not be withdrawn during the primary stage because of its immense benefits.

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    Physical education is very important for the students but many times it is neglected in schools and colleges. Importance is given mostly to academics and maybe that's why the special interest to remain fit develops much later during the youth. Our health is very important for carrying out any activity and poor health will obviously affect our performance. The concern for our health and staying fit has to be prioritized which can be achieved by making physical education compulsory in schools and colleges irrespective of the standards. Though I am unable to relate this to developing nationalism or any kind of international feeling I would say physical education must be given equal importance just like academics.

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    Physical training brings plenty of energy to students between there lessons.Thus, schools and colleges encourage their students to get physical execrise during their study hours.

    When students do exercises with their classmates,they share many things with them, sometimes during lunch their food too. They talk about the love received from their mothers,the blessings from their grandparents,their favorite pet animals they have.

    Hence,by doing physical training at eduactional institutions,they become good human beings who are welcomed by the society.
    Radha Muralidhar

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    Physical education is also an important factor and actually there should be a balance of academic pursuits and physical education in the life of a student. It is a well known fact that every student cannot be good in studies and at the same time it is also a fact that every student cannot perform well in the physical activities like sports and out door games. So a student who is good in studies should give more time in studies but should not forget that physical exercises are also a must to keep the body fit and healthy. So either he should take part in some of the sports or do some exercises in the gym or in one's house. At the same time a student who is good in sports and wants to make a career in it should work hard in it but should not forget the studies totally. He should give some minimum time for studies also so that he can be through it and have a basic qualification in hand. He might not be able to score high but at least having a pass degree itself is a useful thing in one's life in a longer run.
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