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    Why IAS officers are choosing to join politics ?

    In Telangana, a collector who is having name and fame in a district and has also attracted the public for his forthright works has now plunged into politics. Thanks to the ruling party offer of an MLC seat to him. We all know it takes huge effort and consistency to get into the IAS cadre and many are not making it. But here is the example of forgoing the great respect to the filthy politics which is always confronted with a win and lose mode. I feel the shift is not a wise decision. What is your view on this matter? If the IAS cadres are aiming at politics, who is going to keep the administration going?
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    The author has raised a very interesting aspect of leaving the post of IAS cadre so as to make a smooth induction in the politics. We have nothing to say in this regard since much would depend upon the passion of the people which might change time to time. Some aspirants remain determined in their careers and for many of them would like to join IAS cadre for their better option of services to the people. With the growth of time, they occupy responsible positions serving the nation to their level best. What the author has indicated is the remote possibility of some of the aspirants and this is generally not happening.

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    The decision to join politics leaving the IAS cadre is his personal choice. Others do not have any right to question his choice. He may be having his own reasons for doing so. It is always better for well-educated people to join politics. The person mentioned is having administrative experience and he may be able to make a difference. The Indian political parties need such people. I wish him all success in his new role as a Member of the Legislative Council.
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    Leaving the IAS job and joining politics is the decision of the individual. Earlier also we have some IAS officers joining politics/ Jayaprakash Narayana from Hyderabad was also an IAS officer who resigned and came to the field of politics.
    We can't make any comment on the decision of an individual. It is his life and he will decide based on his own interest. An IAS officer has to work under a minister only. That means people without any qualifications will decide what an IAS officer has to do. These days income levels of politicians are much higher than that of IAS officers. Ministers will have many facilities that an IAS officer. These may also make political lucrative.
    Once you are an MLA/MPs will get life long pension if you serve as MP/MLA for 5 years.

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    It is not happening at random and depends on personal choice. Do you know that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose also cleared the IAS exam and later resigned from service to join the freedom movement? At that time it was known as the Indian Civil Services exam (ICS) and conducted in England. Remember that when an IAS officer is respected it is because of the chair/position and not as a person. Earning the respect of others because of specific traits or leadership qualities is always something special and cherishable rather than earning the respect because of a chair. If the chair/position is not there the respect also does not remain intact. Politics has become filthy because corrupt people have entered politics. If persons of high calibre join politics then we can definitely expect some changes in the arena.

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    Probably every IAS officer need to follow the Neta and even has to salute but when officer becomes the Politician it is felt.
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