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    Can we achieve success if the partisan person at the helm?

    Though our performances and tasks are complete and even appreciated by the fellow people the success of getting due recognition would not be forthcoming thanks to the partisan attitude of the person at the helm of affairs and he happens to be the deciding factor for our progress. If a person does not like the other even good works go unnoticed even though there is a popular following for the great achievements. This is really a silent outrage to prevent the right person and denying him the winning phase.
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    This is a real problem. When the person at the helm of the affairs is biased the real worthy people will face a problem. By doing this the person at the helm of the affairs is spoiling the progress of the organisation but not the individual. A person who is very efficient can get another job and leave the organisation. If efficient people are leaving the organisation, the growth of the organisation will get hampered.
    Many times we see such bosses in many organisations. They will see that his position will be safe always. They may encourage yes masters and they may not like people who will try to point out the problems in the decisions that are being taken by them.
    I have seen in some organisation persons who never say no to the boss will be rewarded without any hesitation and people who try to point out the mistakes will be made to get out of the organisation.

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    The person can always be successful but if the boss is partisan then recognition may not be there. Yes, that will demotivate the serious employee and the employee may start looking for another job. The partisan boss will try to project her/himself behind the success without recognising the efforts of the subordinates which will not be helpful in the long run. In the beginning, the management may not notice but if it becomes a regular affair then the management has to take suitable action. Nowadays, many organizations have employees redressal mechanisms and with the help of it, the problem may be sorted out.

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    Partiality is very common in establishments and the victim is always the most efficient person who shows of his intelligent and outshines others. Obviously,other staff would try to bade farewell to him from the office. The reason is they would be afraid that the Management would appreciate his work and promote him every year. Envious or Green eyed attitude is openly deducted in these cases. Some how the vicitim would be made a scape goat and finally would be chucked out
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    When the performance is the open secret why the management is not being questioned ?
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    The person who is at a higher position and in charge of a articular group or team is entrusted all the responsibilities of taking work from the subordinates under him and as well as would be reporting about them to the top management in respect of their performances etc. So the person at the helm of the affairs becomes too important for the employees working under him. They have to listen to him, obey him, report to him, and also avoid confronting with him. Now even after all these efforts from the employee side if the person at the higher level is biased and favouring someone then it is an unfortunate situation and if the employee have good qualifications and skills he should try for other position elsewhere because working under such a biased person will not help in the career making and all the good efforts would be wasted. This situation is one of the main reasons why the people are shifting from one organisation to other. Of course all bosses will not be like that. But we have no choice if they are biased.
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    Partiality has been a serious topic which we find happening around us in different forms at times. I also agree with what the author has highlighted. Sometimes a hardworking person lags behind just because someone posted at the top is promoting favoritism and it can result in less qualified going to the top and more qualified person falling behind. We often found this situation in some workplaces even in schools or colleges too we find some teachers be partial which is totally wrong.

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    Yes, success can be achieved anyway. Simply because one does not get the appreciation of due recognition does not mean that one is unsuccessful. You should just continue putting one's best foot forward anyway. It is also sometimes the case that the partiality one sees is a mirage and it is jealousy or something else that is front and center.

    The other side of the coin - if one genuinely feels that one's work has been overlooked and the recognition for the credit is unfairly given to another person, then one needs to speak up for oneself. Don't be walked over.

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    I agree with ME. But in Organisations where bosses are very headstrong and think that they are only correct and they take sides, it is very difficult for the subordinates to continue. In such situations, the subordinate will definitely tell his intentions to the boss and leave the organisation. In my 30 years of industry service, I have seen many such cases. I know people who left organisations and joined another company and flourished there very well.
    So an individual should think about himself instead of thinking of correcting the other person. There are different types of people and we can't find fault with them. They will have their own explanation for their stand. In such situations making our ideas open and looking for an alternative is the best way for a person to come up in his own career.

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    Yes, there are possibilities that a competent employee is denied to the genuine credit for his success and the boss would exploit the opportunity of such a success and the same will be highlighted to the higher management. If the same trend goes on in the regular way, the motivation of the employee will drop drastically. He would like to have a job switch to come out of such embarrassing situations. Even the management would loose a genuine candidate for the partisan attitude of the immediate boss. Such events are not uncommon in our public sector units where the attitude that boss is always right prevails. This is indeed a disappointing phase and the same needs to be corrected by the higher management so that higher productivity could be achieved.

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