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    No more work from home. Calling back to office started

    When there was a huge thinking that the future is going to hold the work from home culture that would stay and the companies would be surviving because they actually get more work done from each employee and many almost decided that home is the office for future and even remodeled their rooms to facilitate office look. But the recent developments across the globe and India, the corporate wants the employees be working from the office for better coordination and more inclusive timely action of reemerging global open up of the market and promising growth all round. So no more work from home and calling back to office has already started.
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    That is true. Many organisations started asking their employees to return to their base stations. They were told that they should not leave the base station without information. Many organisations are asking their employees to come to the office once or twice a week. My elder son was working in Infosys. But this year January, he left Infosys and joined another company based in Bangalore. But he is working from home all these days. Now their management asked all the employees to be stationed in Bangalore. He is planning to shift to Bangalore next month. My second son is working in TCS, Hyderabad. His management also asked him to report at Hyderabad. Most probably he may have to go to the office in the month of December.
    Now the demand for cabs will increase as people also start going to their offices. The small business people like tea shops and other hotels and sales outlets near the offices will start doing a good business.

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    Yes, many organizations call back to their employees for work from the office. This is also true that when companies gain more profit due to working from home, people think this will continue in the future too but our assumptions were wrong and now people think more about WFO. These days multinational companies hire a bulk amount of new employees and call them offices only apart from that some companies set some slots and call their employees on the basis of these slots. Though that was good to work from home for some employees especially for women but for some others it was boring too.

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    With the dip in corona cases this change was expected and many organisations are opening up for physical workplaces. Working from home is alright but it has many inconveniences also associated with it and we were doing it rather under force than that of a choice. Another aspect which is now being examined by various Govt especially in polluted environments is that to reduce the pollution outside or to avoid the pollution outside why not go for online working. Recently in Delhi such a decision has been taken. This will help in reducing the pollution created by the vehicles and moreover will reduce the consumption of the fuel also.
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    Since the cases of Corona has come down to a very low level, the managements of IT sectors are gearing up for their full functioning in their respective locations and hence they have intimated their employees for their reporting in their locations. Though IT sectors have managed their jobs splendidly in the past especially in the corona phase but their presence in their respective places would definitely improve the work culture to maximum level. We should welcome this step since our economy has suffered a lot in the past and now is the ripe time to maximise our profits with all the available resources.

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