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    On train journeys what is your seat prefrence ?

    Although it is not a big deal but we humans always want things which we prefer based on the pros and cons associated with them. One such small thing is a selection of berths, while a lower berth provides you more space but it hampers your privacy if you want to stay alone. In the middle berth, you can't sit easily and when it comes to the upper berth it is quite uncomfortable in every manner except sleeping.
    So what do you prefer when it comes to berth selection?
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    If I go single I prefer upper berth or side sitting if window seat not available. If I go with any one especially with my wife I prefer side lower and side upper.

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    If I am alone in the Railway Journey, I would prefer the upper birth though I feel some sort of discomfort accommodating myself in my seat during getting down or getting upstairs. Once I occupy the seat, I would prefer to go in sleep mode since there is no option to feel relaxed in the sitting posture. You can enjoy your mobile providing you different platforms to be enjoyed or still better go in for a long sleep if the situation permits.
    If I am accompanied with my wife, I would like to have my seat in the lower birth so that both of us can have smooth talks while sitting in the lower births.

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    If I travel alone my preference seat and birth would be side lower because, it is with window and when I want to know which station the train is passing through that would be easy. In the three seating arrangements the one with lower birth is always preferred by the elder citizens and even the Railways allot the same to them by default. Middle births are given to the middle aged persons and the upper births are given to the young persons and even upper side births are given to the youth by default. And if we book the seats in group, there is no choice here as we have to accept what is given to us and we cannot get the the window seats either. The most advantage of the side lower that we are alone to decide whether to sleep or sit unlike in other seats there is no options as you have sleep till the others wake up and pack up.
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    When I was in service and travelling a lot I used to prefer the upper berth. I used to get up and get into sleep as generally, the journies I undertook were overnight journeys. If we get on to the upper berth we will not have any disturbance and we will have our own reading light attached to the seat. If we want we can read or sleep as per our wish.
    But now my preference is a lower seat only. If I am travelling with my wife we both prefer lower berths only. If two lower berths are not available we prefer at least one lower berth and one middle berth. The upper berth is the last preference for both of us.
    If I alone travelling, I try to get a side lower berth so that I need not worry about the other passengers and there will not be any disturbance.
    I travelled alone to Nagpur in the month of February 2020. After that, till today I have not undertaken any train journey.

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    Earlier my favourite was upper berth because there was no disturbance and one can sleep comfortably without any interruption. There is enough space also in the side for keeping a small bag where one can keep the basic things like book or magazine for reading, specs, and some other utilities during the journey. Later due to my age and other factors I stopped choosing the upper berth and now my choice is only limited to the lower berth only and though there are regular disturbances in that area I have no other choice as I cannot now climb up to the upper berth.
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