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    Simple but needy alert to aged people

    I read in one Tamil weekly magazine. A daughter in law asked her father in law to wear a string tied with a plastic whistle when he was start to move outside. When questioned the reason, it is really great idea and can be followed by all elderly people. She told,'while we go outside and felt bad in our health it is not possible to shout or call for help. Instead if we just blow whistle it definitely attract the attention of others.
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    Very nice advice from the daughter in law to the father in law. By tying a whistle to the string and strap it across the shoulder, the whistle can be used to alert the passerby in case of emergencies. Even while crossing the road, the elder people can alert the upcoming and ongoing traffic to stop for him to cross. The whistle can be further more effectively used when someone need to be called from the first floor or other floors because as the elder man one may not have the ability or courage to walk through the stairs and that is taxing on the knee pain. So by whistling the other friend would come down and join the elders. This way the whistle can be used in different ways and even at home the daughter in law can be called through whistle to serve food or the beverages and that would be more effective as calling by name does not work.
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    A good suggestion. When a person is sick and not able to call others, can he make use of a whistle is the question? I don't know? Probably it is possible. But definitely, the sound of a whistle will definitely alert the people around.
    We should thank the author for such good suggestions. If I remember correctly, earlier we received a piece of advice from the author about locking of the mobile phone.
    Small tips like this will save many people. These tips will come in handy when there is a real requirement.

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    This is a really nice suggestion from the daughter in law for her father in law, there are many elders in many families who have to spend time alone when other members are busy with their other works and if during this time they need anything they have an option like making calls for members when they need but if there is some health issue or other emergency, this suggestion will perfect for them. Some people adopt another method that is a bell located near the bed of the elderly people which also works well.

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    In old age people generally avoid going out due to obvious reasons but many elders would like to go for some small walk in the morning and evening times and at that time such techniques would definitely help. It is also suggested that when the old people go out from their houses they should have in their pocket some sort of identification like the resident card of the society or some small card where their details are mentioned like name, residence, phone number of the family persons etc and that becomes very useful in case of any eventuality. In a small place people know each other but in big places sometimes even the neighbours do not know each other and then such things help immensely. Many elders have problem of poor memory (amnesia) also and if they go a bit far in one direction they get confused in returning and in such times they can get help only when some such identification card is available in their pocket.
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