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    How to decide the ready-made size attire which varies online?

    Most of us where depending on tailor made clothes for us and the fitting would be perfect and most satisfied. But the tailors started charging more and they wont deep the delivery promise and thus the craze for ready-made clothes has taken to much wanting. But here comes the catch, if we go personally to mall and choose after trails that would be good, but how to decide the ready-made size attire which varies online? The images and the size displayed online does not match when received on hand and thus more upset possible.
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    Generally, the sizes of the dresses will be mentioned as Small(S), Medium(M), Large(L), Extra large(XL), double extra-large(XXL) etc. But the actual ranges for these classifications may vary from one brand to another brand. As mentioned by the author when we go to a showroom we will try and decide. But online that facility will not be there. So we have to measure the size exactly and look for that exact detail on the site. Then only we have to order the items. We all should remember that we should use the return facility without fail when we purchase these dresses online. As per this policy, you can return the time back if you are not liking the item physically when you see it. So once we receive the dress we can try this and if it is not of the correct size to us we can return the same. You will get back the full amount. This happened to me two times recently. The size is not Ok and I returned the dress and I got back the money.
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    There is no option other than going by the label of the clothes and trying it after it arrives. As mentioned by Dr Rao, you can return the clothes if the size is not matching. The colour can always vary and for that, you will find a warning mentioning a slight difference in the colour of the original item. That is the problem with clothes since the size can vary at times depending on the brand and we must be cautious while going through all the terms and conditions. Go for the items that have clarity on the return and refund policy and do check the reviews.

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    When the order is made for the occasion and the delivery takes place after 7 days and returning the unfit dress would be further time consuming and the crazy is lost.
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    Most of the people do not like the ready made shirts or pants but interested only in stitching. But as far as me, ready made shirts and pants are suitable than the tailoring one. But if we order the ready made dresses online it is vary from vendor to vendor so, the suitability differ much. I have ordered online, one dress for my brother's daughter but I found very small to her on opening the cover. Similarly my another brother's daughter ordered a gown for the same child it became a giant size for her as it found to fit to her mother.

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    We always find the size as an issue while shopping for garments online. But sometimes we get fortunate. I ordered one particular size, got a wrong size delivered to me. However, this wrong size fit me.
    But yes, there is often this issue of proper size. It could be trial and error the first time. Then you can note the particular vendor and the size he maintains. This is again a restricted option.

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    To chose the right one from the mess of readymade dresses has become more complicated nowadays.

    Earlier it was just about the size number. But now throe are many variants in fit and shapes like liberty cut, apple cut, Regular fit, Slim Fit, Prestigious fit, Classic, Casual, Formal, Semi formal, and a lot more. So there is always a risk of our selecting a wrong one. This is same for both online and offline shopping. But people buy after trial at offline shops.
    I do not like to buy after trial nor do I appreciate people taking trials. I find it unhygienic. That simply robs of the charm of wearing a brand new fresh first hand dress. Now even in new we get only use-dresses. I cannot appreciate it.

    In comparison, I find online shopping slightly better and more reliable. Of curse it depends on which portal we are shopping with. The top few online portals are reliable and dependable. Such portals give the explanations of the various terms used in size, look, fit, stitch etc. If we follow that properly then we can have a satisfying experience.
    A combination of reputed and popular shopping portals with established reputed brands products, can give a more dependable and reliable experience.

    Just a couple of days ago I bought readymade shirts from a very popular bran manufacturer. I can say that the experience is quite good. The quality is god, the colour is as it was displayed and the size and fit were as displayed and explained.

    My experience with tailors war more unsatisfactory than with readymade item whether online or offline. So now I buy mostly online.

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