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    Why repeat telecasts of serials are made wasting time of households?

    In every home the television serial stats playing afternoon to late night. Be it any language the prime time serials starts from 6 pm and spans up to 11 pm. And the same sitcoms are repeated again wasting the time of households? No doubt television serials has become more popular entertainment for the households but too much dosage of the same proves to be addiction to which they are getting agitated towards the character they love portrayed in different manner. Therefore serials are not merely entertainment but emotionally surcharged.
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    Nobody is forcing us to see those serials again and again. The remote is in our hands. We can on or off as we wish. When a person thinks that seeing the serial is a waste of time he can switch off the TV. In our house, none of us watches any serial in any language on any TV channel. Ladies in our house never put on the TV. Gents will switch on them to see some live cricket matches or some game shows. Sometimes our grandchildren will switch on youtube and watch some videos.
    TV channels are starting for business and they want to increase their ratings and get more and more advertisements which will give them some revenue. So there is no point in blaming them. I may not like them but many others may like them. So we have no say in that.

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    Good serials are always repeated either after a long time or same time two times in a day. The TV people know that some people are addicted to the good serials and some of them even get them recorded so that they can view it during their spare time. By repeating the telecast two times a day say noon time and night time the serial makers cover many viewers conveniently. These are established business tactics played by them often.
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    Well, do you think a repeat telecast of a cricket match is a wastage of time? If you have not seen the match live you can see it later on and it's you to decide whether you are wasting your time or not. If someone thinks that watching the repeat telecast is a wastage of time then I am sure the person will not watch it and those who think in the other way will watch them. Is there any compulsion that you need to watch something since it is shown on the screen? You have control over what to watch and hence no point in blaming something for your own indecisiveness.

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    Cricket matches are not daily happening and that repeat telecast can be sustained.
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    If we go to cinema hall to see a film we are sitting in the cinema hall whether we like the film or not, till the end. But the television is not like that we can stop seeing a film or serial if we do not like that as there is a great possibility of changing channels through a remote control. Nowadays many of us sitting in the house in the pose of Garudazhwar of Perumal Temple, that is holding mobile in one hand and remote control in the other hand. The repeat telecasting of serials are mainly to make money through advertisements, problems in taking/shooting new serials due to climate or epidemic situations. However repeat telecast of some serials are good to some people who do not have seen earlier telecasts,

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    The TV channels are doing business. Their aim is revenue. So they will do anything that can bring in more revenue. It is the number of viewership that forms the basis for advertisement revenue.. So TV channels will try all tricks to attract more and more viewers, and among them more repeat viewers too.
    Women being more loyal clients for serials ,especially those showing the various relationships and mis-relationships in family life and general life, telecasters will target them more. So they will even repeat those serials which have the attributes to draw women viewers. That will entail lesser cost but earn better revenues

    Now, about the complaint that repeat serials are wasting time of households, I have to say that the proof of the pudding is in eating. They repeat only because they are sure of getting benefit.
    As every TV is equipped with an easy to operate navigation facility by remote or manual, those who do not like the repeat serials can either switch channels or put them off as per their choice. It is as simple as that. Frankly, n my home we do not view any serial in any channel. So we are not bothered by repeat or even original serials.

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