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    Is Father's name required on the child's ID?

    There is no doubt that a father's name is required in most cases in our country, but when it comes to a single mother, are these norms still so strict? There is a lady in my acquaintance who has been playing the role of a single mother for a long time and now she is facing this problem in getting her son's Aadhar card. She does not want that her son's father's name should be on the Aadhar card of but his mother's name is mentioned. Is this legally possible? After all, when a single mother takes full responsibility for the child alone, then why is the name of the father of the child given more importance everywhere. This should also be a necessary change in society or law.
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    This is the peculiar situation and the law making authorities must make provisions that in the absence of father the single mother would do all the favors for the child and hence her name should be carried on all ID's. But having no knowledge of it the Aadhaar centers across the country may turn down the request to mention mother instead of father in the slot. There must be clarification on this respect and no one should be questioned in this regard. A single mother is also struggling and nurturing a child on par with the father, and she is eligible to be mentioned as the slots to be filled. There may be options as to fill either the father name or single mother name and this norm has to be implemented by all government organizations, banks , post offices and other agencies which are seeking inclusive information of the family.
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    I very well remember a case where a girl wanted her mother's name on the passport. Her father deserted the family and the girl did not want her father's name on the passport. The passport authorities declined her request. Mrs. Sushma Swaraj was then alive. The girl approached her and her request was accepted. Her mother's name was printed on the passport. I think with proper representation, the issue can be settled.
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    In most cases, they will accept the mother's name in place of the father's name. Many applications will ask you the name of mother or father or husband. So one can manage with mother's name. For all educational certificates and identity cards, you can mention the name of the mother in place of the father's name. But when you apply for a passport earlier they were insisting on the father's name.
    A lady refused to mention her husband's name as the name of the father in an application for the passport. But the officials insisted on the name of the father. She refused to do the same as her husband never taking care of them and she only brought up their daughter as a single parent. She approached the court and in May 2016, the High court, New Delhi has given a ruling that one should accept the name of the mother in such cases where only the mother has brought up the child. So I think your acquaintance can give the name of the mother instead of the father's name.

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    Traditionally in all the admissions, forms, and other data sheets the name of father was invariably written because it was mentioned like that in the various forms and everyone followed it. Father was supposed to be the head of the family and the main entity to whom everyone was related. This has changed with time because now many mothers are also doing jobs and earning money from it. In many cases when the father has deserted the family or left the wife and gone for another marriage then practically whether there is legal divorce or not the father is now not a member of this family which mother is managing and supporting. In such case a child is allowed to write his mother's name in the place of father's name. Many application forms are providing the option for the same. One thing that is important is if a child is writing due to obvious reasons his mother's name in place of his father's name then he should be consistent in it. He should not write father's name in some places and mother's name in other places. That would create big confusion.
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    I have seen some certificates containing the mother's name in the place of father's name as the father is not alive. This can be correct by practical arguments but document wise the confusion would come in later stage for the child when she or he entering into college or employment etc., That time the mother would also not live or not in a position of explaining etc., In such condition the position of the child will be so critical as she or he cannot do any correction for the old records.
    I remember here the happenings of Sundara Moorthy Nayanar who was initially called as Sundrar. He was a rich man intended to marriage was planned for him by elders. But Lord Shiva planned to take him as his devotee and came to the marriage hall in a form of an old man telling that the marriage should get stopped as the bridegroom Sundarar was a slave to Him as assured by Sundarar's Grand father. When everybody asking proof the old man produced a palm leaf with the script. Everybody went to Panchayat. The Panchayat sarpanchs seen the palm leaf and agreed the contents but to get proved the signature of the Grand father of Sundarar the panchayat sarpanchs called for the old records where from the signature of the Grand father compared. Finally the gave the judgement that the contents of the palm leave were true and Sundarar have to follow the Oldman, that is Lord Shiva.
    This was done in Thiruvennai Nallur,Cuddalore Dist of Tamilnadu during the seventh century.
    Though scientific/electronic developments raised to a good level the confusions for mother's name or father's name become waste of arguments but to follow the practice is good for the sake of children in future.

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