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    A team will have good productivity only when it is motivated

    In most of the organisations or work places there are teams of people working together for the common objective of the company. A good teamwork produces a good result and the company prospers and the team members are also benefited. For better and better performance by a team it is necessary that team members are motivated and always inspired for working in the best possible ways for enhancing the productivity of the company which is directly related to its bottom line.
    A good management will always take measures for keeping its employees motivated and will encourage them time to time for doing the jobs in better ways so that company can progress in the highly competitive business market of present times.
    Motivation of the team members is the key to the success of the business unit. What are your thoughts on this?
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    Motivation is important and along with it, feedback is essential. To maintain good performance, remuneration also plays a part and the management has to look into it so that the employees do not feel underpaid. If the performance is not up to the mark at a certain period, the organization has to analyze the reasons and find ways to cheer up the team so that they do not feel demotivated. The management has to motivate and tell the team if some improvement is required. Unless the areas of further betterment are not known to the team, they cannot perform in the same way.

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    Nicely said by the author that proper motivation and due recognition of best employees would keep the productivity going up and up and there is no second thoughts in this. Not only organization the motivation has to be there in every sphere of life. In this regard I wish to share what the new coach of Indian Team Rahul Dravid has said that there need to be sustained winning combination of the team and there is need for strong team in all departments. Really very nice observation from him as we have seen Indian team in the past use to have selective winning attitude against particular teams and lose against those teams for which fans want India to win. So if Rahul can bring this formidable change then India can be unstoppable in future tournaments of any nature. Motivation comes when the good leader as the mentor.
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    Motivation is very important for any team or even an individual to showcase his best skills and increase productivity. When a team is working, a leader will be there for that team and his main duty is to see that all the members of the team are working with a mutual understanding. He has to motivate all the team members and identify their strong and weak points and supplement them wherever required.
    In the organisation where I was working, there are team works and individual works. To encourage them and motivate them we introduced incentive schemes. If the team a minimum volume of production is fixed as the norm and if anything is above the norm, they produce all the team members will get an equal amount as an incentive. With this, the productivity increased and we were able to get production from two teams that we were getting with three teams. The same incentive scheme was applied to the places where individual members' production can be accounted for and there also we were able to get a very higher rate of productivity.

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    Here I want to bring a real happening in my Son's office which has more than 800 employees spread over three branches of works and amidst ongoing challenges and time bound action of products and its result, the management asked the employees to participate in the sport activities so that refreshed minds would emerge after a hectic and big challenges gone through. This is good motivation because all work and no other scope to spend time makes the mind dull and not thinking further. Having sensed that the employees are putting great efforts and proving more productive, the company thought to reward the best employees even sports wise and therefore gone for a refreshing way of giving them break from regular tasks, I really appreciated when my boy who was having hectic three shifts in row and successfully committed his task as the team leader participated in the sports and felt happy.
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    Motivation plays an important role in augmenting production of the industries and the best managements are in the practice to inoculate the best team spirit among the working members. While managers remain busy looking after the different parameters to step up production and they keep a watch on the Human Resource's as well. The ultimate result can be achieved with the employees if they are adequately motivated. The maintain different ways to keep them motivated by giving different personal incentives such monetary benefits, issuing letters for their upgraded performance etc. if some of the employees are proficient in sports, they are encouraged to take part in this game with the periodical arrangements of such games. The ultimate effect is the enhanced production of their rated capacities.

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