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    Out door games of India before 50 years were different from the present generation

    When I was a child,I used to play games like pittu,guli danda,paandi , during Sundays and vacations forgoing breakfast,lunch and my other used to scold me for my actions. Sometimes ,as a punishment she would not allow me to go out. But,my friends would come and plead with my mother to let me go with them. My kind mother would lovingly agree with a promise that I would come on time for lunch.

    Such was the interest in games which gave me plenty of physical excercise and helped me grow tall and strong.

    Did you play any such Indian out door games. I am sure you did. Please post the games you played when you were a child.
    Radha Muralidhar
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    The author has rekindled the past memories of such games which are small, had competition from less members and yet formidable time pass for everyone and the bonding between the relatives and friends would be good in winning or losing games. For ladies some specialized games like Pallanguzhi where in they used to play with eight holes made on each side of the wooden plank and the dyes would be the tamarind seed rubbed to the rough surface to make it white on one side. The second game was the daya kattai, the one which is played in Mahabharatha and ultimately Draupadi was disrobed. The other being Parama Padam or snake and ladder game in English and that was very funny and getting into the winning mode was not easy. My sisters used to play with me in those days and now now one cares.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The present generation of kids is more inclined to play virtual games on their phones rather than playing outdoor. They are getting addicted to phones, laptops and the internet. They will never meet their friends face to face. But the kids will chat with them for hours together on phones. This is what we are all witnessing these days. Generally. parents will never allow their kids to go out and play outdoor games with their friends. They may feel that is waste of time and their children will get exhausted.
    But during our childhood, we used to play many outdoor games with friends. We used to play kabaddi, coco, ring, badminton. I used to spend at least an hour outside playing with my friends. We used to play badminton on the streets without any net. When we were in high school we used to spend some time in the playground of the school after school and play some of the above games.

    always confident

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    The author has brought out a few scenes of our nostalgic young days. She is right in the narration about them.

    Those days there were large outdoors. The indoors were full of people-joint family members.

    Now there are less open outdoors. There is large space indoors(with nuclear families).
    Those days there was entertainment mainly outside. Now the entertainment is indoors - in home theatres, desktops and laptops and mobiles.
    Now all the earlier outdoor games are played in micro or mini screens. No need to hurt our body, but not that sure about minds. I hope this clearly shows the difference.

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