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    Superstition of odd and even

    I don't know at what age or time I developed it or why but I kind of have always feared odd numbers and always try to start anything new at an even-numbered date or time if possible.
    Earlier I thought I was the only one having such a peculiar habit but when I had this conversation with a few acquaintances and friends I got to know that they also feel the same way.
    Does anyone here have such superstition about the odd-even numbers if yes do you remember why you have it and how you developed it?
    If not you can share any other peculiarity of yours like this one? Or your self-created myth or superstition of myth?
    Is it wrong to have such a myth ? If yes how can one overcome such a thing?
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    It is the fact that by virtue of getting success through the sustained efforts on a particular date we tend to respect the same and follow in future to make it sure that same number of the date or time is followed as it proved to be rewarding. Only for this reason the RTA across the country are reaping good amount by offering step series like 1234, or same numbers in series like 9999 or important numbers like 007 and iconic numbers like 1,7,9 with huge price tag. Our former CM NTR car numbers were all with 9999 numbers and his entire fleet had this number. So this is not the superstition but numerology as some numbers have the lucky factor associated with it and it is decided by adding the date of birth, month and year. For example my date of birth is 28-05-1963 and by adding all 34 total it comes and by adding both my lucky number is seven always and it has proved.
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    Many people will have the lucky number concept. But not odd and even. Many people think that 9 is a very good number. Based on the date of birth many people will decide their lucky number.
    As a person, I like odd numbers more. I like 3,6,9 and 7. Even though 6 is an even number as it is a multiple of 3 I like that number also. As per my date of birth also 3 and 7 are my lucky numbers. In my tenth class, the individual numbers in my hall ticket were added together, the resultant number is 3 and my performance in that exam was very good. That is why I got a liking for 3.
    Scientifically we can't explain this liking or dislike for a number. It may be a belief only. This may be getting formed based on our earlier experiences and happenings.
    When we purchase a vehicle we try to get the number which we consider as a lucky number to us. Some people pay heavy fees to the government to get the desired number to their vehicle. Wherever there is a choice, I try my best to get the number of my choice.

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    Many people have their different concepts in relation to numbers and they would like to choose such numbers for the different purposes. If they want to have a new flat, they would like the number of their choice and so is the case with their cars. Though it might not produce that much effect but they have seen that some particular numbers for them are auspicious and they have been benefited with such a numbering system. This is definitely our psychological approach of the numbers and we cannot come out of such an orthodox situations.

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    We get the superstitions during our growing up and then they remain with us throughout our lives. We also learn it from others when other people tell us their success stories linked to their superstitions. These beliefs are everywhere in the world and not only in our country. Different people have them and there are different patterns and levels of these beliefs. Some people correlate them in very strange ways.
    I remember that my grandmother used to cook food in the the old fashioned store where wood pieces and wood twigs were burnt for creating fire. Sometimes that fire produced some vibrating and hushing sound as if some bell is calling. At the time my grandmother used to tell us that some relative must be remembering us or thinking about us. So there are many such correlations which are only based on belief and superstitions and there is no scientific evidence as proof of them.
    There are thousands of superstitions followed by people including the one which the author had mentioned that is odd and even.

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    A particular number is good for you or another number is bad for you I am not well versed in this matter. I see some people strongly believe in this theory. I don't know where this concept or notion came from. Should I call it superstition or positive calculations I am not.sure about it, however, I assert that some deep notion which, over the time, might have been shaped into superstition or ignorant belief, now may affect your whole personality and it may also affect your reasoning power quite adversely that despite knowing what should be right approach concerning any issue you will have to succumb to number based superstition and in some cases this supertition is so much deep rooted that people don't dare to go against their baseless superstition. A fear keeps them restrained to violate their supertitious belief.
    I see some people are supertitious of stones. They believe that different type of stones have different effect on our lives. I don't know how such superstition gets housed in people's minds.

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    This is a very true experience that said by the author and we can find it around us, even many people are there who make their own superstitions and relate them with their daily life activities. Some found some color is lucky for them or some thought some person is lucky or unlucky for them which makes their day good or bad. Sometimes it happens when we may find a common incidence that is related to a common number or anything but just because it repeats one or two times or even more but we should not make it superstitions or a habit.

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