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    Higher education has made us unemployed

    I have not been able to get a job by studying so far. The same situation always arises while giving an interview, they say, why would you do this job after being so educated? Or that you would leave our company when you get a good job. So I can't get a job. On the other hand, there is so much competition in a suitable job market that I don't have a chance. There is no money to do business. This is the question of millions of unemployed youth in our country today. How much acceptable it is? The government is giving them unemployment benefits in the form of cash without arranging jobs. What will be the future of the country? Express your opinion.
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    I do understand the catch 22 situation of youth in India who are well qualified and yet not able to get a good job suitable to the qualification or underemployed. Only yesterday I met one taxi driver who has done B tech in Khammam. Being the backward area of Telangana there is no campus interview for the college. Luckily Telangana govt is giving car for the unemployed under the T pride scheme and he got one. He is sincerely making efforts to earn good money sans any bad habit. But what I mean to say that there may be other way to live and one must explore the possibility of some eking out methods. For many business the money may not be important to start and one must have the interest and efforts to put in the business in right path. So youth can explore new ideas to live and need not depend on jobs.
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    That is true. Unemployment is a big problem not only in our country but also in many other countries. In India, the population is very high. Many educated and intelligent people are going away from the country as they are not getting suitable offers here. Industrialisation is the only solution to this problem. Every individual should think of becoming an employer instead of waiting to become an employee. The education imparted should be able to give the student some skills that will be useful to become self-employed.
    When we have a higher qualification we may not be ready to go for a low-level job and even though we are ready to go for the same, the employers are not ready to give a chance as they have their doubts like the people with higher qualification may not stick to the job. All these things put together many people are not able to get a job.
    A person with a lower qualification will be ready to take up any job, but a qualified person may not be prepared to do such work.

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    When there is the chronic problem of unemployment in the country, there should not be any restriction in case an aspirant has acquired a higher qualification for which there is there is indication of the minimum criteria. While we analyse the situations of vacancies of the different posts, many posts are lying vacant and no initiative is being taken to fill up the post with one plea or the other. There are plenty of youths in the different states having acquired engineering qualifications but they cannot get the jobs of electricians or welders because of their higher qualifications. Different sectors should think regarding their employments and should watch how best they are fitting in the given situations. Moreover induction of such unemployed youths would elevate their moods apart from providing jobs to the needy ones.

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