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    Should kids be habituated to public speaking ?

    When it comes to kids, some are very intelligent by birth, some are average, and some need push up from others to get into development mode. But as the days are passing there need to be alertness among the kids and they need to brace up with time. Being introvert or talking too much is also dangerous. But exposing the kid to public speaking is something new one being started. Even at the colony society function, school flag hoisting ceremony or the political party meetings inside the colony, the new trend is to call the young ones to speak few lines addressing the public. And mind it this happens without knowing to kids and they are called to the stage without even having the idea of topic. What is your reaction ?
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    Public speaking is an art and it will definitely improve as you start addressing and doing it continuously. If this speaking in a public meeting will improve the self-confidence of the individual. When we are grown up and try to address in public meeting many times we will become nervous as we will think that we may not be impressive and people may laugh at us. If we ask a kid to speak. he will also have some nervousness but if we encourage him, he will definitely start speaking without thinking about his abilities. Once or twice he may be a little nervous but the enthusiasm he gets will make him overcome that nervousness and slowly he will become a very good speaker. Keeping this fact in mind, we all should encourage our kids to participate in competitions and talk in public. That will definitely boost their self-confidence and they will become more stable in their lives.
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    The fear factor would totally wiped out regarding stage talk and talking to audience.
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    Very nice threat! Teaching in a private English medium is a special process to make you smart about all these activities. And for this reason, parents are enrolling their children in the English medium school at a high cost. Personally, I have been affected by this, which cannot be explained to anyone. Public speaking is really a special quality that is not innate in the meeting, he has to prepare himself by practicing it properly. A lot of psychology works when speaking on stage, and that's why it's so hard to concentrate on yourself. If a child learns stage performances from time to time, that child can certainly become a speaker. Extra activities are therefore very important along with schooling. That is why there are so many students in Reputed English Medium School today.
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    If you want that your child should be a good speaker in English, you need to have a platform suitable for his grooming and this could be the best place for him if he is inducted in an English medium school. They take care of the kids in horning their talents in the right direction. If the child is little bit hesitant in the expression, this can be wiped out with the appropriate encouragement and motivation. This is not achievable in an ordinary school where the school management would be least interested in the development of the personality of the child. Hence it is always better to get the children grow in a private English school for nurturing their skills.

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    Such Extempore has always been part of co-curricular activities at the school level and college level too and I have always enjoyed being part of such competition, but I have not heard such things being organised in colonies or residential areas. But I feel this is really a good opportunity for kids to showcase their oratory skills and leave the stage fear. It is nice to have such fears to be removed from a very young age.
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    It is definitely a good practice to expose kids for presenting some program on the stage to the audience but in that tender age if they present some poem or some story or some small act of patriotism etc then it would be very interesting and the kids will also enjoy it. The audience will also appreciate it. As regards the public speaking that is an area where the grown up children should be exposed and then they can continue it throughout their life. For the kids their age is too tender to expose them for public speaking. In fact for removing the hesitation from a kid their simple presentation on the stage for any entertaining thing is sufficient and there is no need of going to the public speaking domain.
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    Sure. Participating in public affairs is on the other side. But I am seeing many children are hesitating to speak openly and hesitate to talk in public places. This make them to keep mum in the classrooms also and thereby the lack of concentration in the studies are made possible. The main reason for this is the parents as they are not freely talking the children. If there is elderly people in the house the children would go to them and talk and even communicating their needs to the parents through them only. But to avoid this the parents should spend some time with their children of any age. Recent problems happening to the female children also hidden by them because of this parents-children gap.
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