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    Pakistan's new bill about Chemical Castration of Repeated offenders of rape cases

    One of the heinous crimes that are prevalent in society is rape, and no matter how much legislation government come up with. We still see such cases spiking up in society. The barbarity of the cases like the Nirbhaya case in Delhi in 2012 and another case in Hydrabad in 2019 leaves us with no words. How can a human fall at such a low?

    After such cases we see a few mass protests loud cries and mass agitation but after that nothing happen and we now have become so habitual of seeing such cases in newspapers on a daily basis that it does not even bother us. In our country, we have seen rape victims from age of three months to the age of 80. Such crimes see no bar of age, dress, religion and language.

    And similar is the condition of our neighbours like Bangladesh and Pakistan but now Pakistan has come up with a bill of Chemical castration of repeated offenders of rape cases, so now in some manner justice is getting served a punishment of such severe scale according to the severity of the crime.
    This Bill seems cruel and brutal but this is the need of the hour to create fear among such offenders. And This is something we should bring in our country also for the proven criminals of such barbaric crime punishment should be barbaric as well.

    Since I am talking about the proven criminal so there is no question of the cases which are false charges as some members might defend, which I have often seen on the social platforms. As soon as we talk about rape punishment people come up with the narrative of false cases, which I am not denying but they are very few and Rape crime is a reality with such huge numbers with a lot of unreported cases.
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    Appreciation to the author for bringing this new bill about chemical castration of repeated rape offenders in Pakistan and that seems to be new thought to give warning for the offenders. But by doing so the punishment is not full because, the person being given chance to live with some sort of deformity in his life and he cannot live amid the people after being castrated. So I do not think this would serve any purpose as the victim family always sought death sentence and that would at least make them little happy that justice has been done. Even in Disha case the new twists and turns are being coined by the crime lawyers that they were juvenile and the police never investigated it. So when the laws are trying to protect the wrong doers, death sentence or even encounters would be first choice as public outage want that.
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    It is good that a new bill has been brought in Pakistan to punish the person who is involved repeatedly in rape cases. Actually, no punishment is sufficient for such criminals except a death sentence that to in a public area. By seeing the punishment people will have fear and there may be some reduction in such crimes. I think that this is a step in the right direction by our neighbouring country where many criminals are creating various problems to our country. The other countries in the world may also think of bringing in such severe punishments to the people who behave in the worst way and who have no respect towards the opposite gender people.
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    A very good decision by the Pakistan government. Such a law needs to be enacted in India also. This matter was discussed in the forum section previously.
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    Rape is a heinous crime and there is no doubt about that. It is the animal instinct hidden in the human males. There are some criminals doing repeated crimes of this nature. If we want to stop this barbaric act of raping then enactment of stringent punishment is required. People should not even dare to think about it.
    It is good that in Pakistan severe punishment is introduced for such crimes. We hope that other countries will also learn a lesson from this and enact more severe punishments.

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