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    Could you try to step out of your comfort zone?

    Every individual has a certain comfort level, whether it is scheduling a specific time for an activity or doing a particular type of job. We often feel a little anxious and wary of stepping out of that comfort zone of routine. For example, you may love going on a trip only during the month of March and are worried about travelling when the climate is too hot or too cold, anxious about not being able to bear the extreme climate and perhaps fall sick. At other times, we overcome this paranoid feeling, decide not to be silly, and just go and enjoy, irrespective of the weather.

    Let's come to ISC. Some of us are comfortable sticking to the forum alone, others are stepping into the AE section as well, perhaps making a foray once in a rare while to the article section. A few members I have noted only participate in contest-related activities. I for one love writing, so articles are my first choice, and then, in terms of writing descriptive content, I like to submit schools and colleges, and jobs as well. I thought to myself - why not take a detour from my comfort zone? So now and then I make a quick dash to the AE section.

    What about you? How about giving it a go and trying to contribute to a section that you have never ventured into? Can this thread coax you into spreading your wings?
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    Good poser from the author and everyone of us need to respond. Coming to my own contributions in forum, I have been more comfortable and more confident in sharing and creating new threads and that has become habit now and cannot desist from here. As regards to sharing in other section, when the answers are appended rightly, the editors seems to be not happy in ask experts section or the article section as they drastically cut the points and award pittance cash credit. Even when I tried to create article that was rejected after me spending huge time. So I felt happy with forum section where in my contributions are mostly taken and approved and I am happy to earn RSB through this section and even the Google adsense is forth coming. So create a welcome mode for everyone to get their contents approved and not to be too harsh on perfection.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good query of the author regarding our interest for the different sections. The postings are regularly updated in the different sections no doubt regularly by our members but still members remain comfortable in the Forum Section because their contributions need not be screened or edited by the editors. In the AE section, you are supposed to offer quality contents with the upgradation of your knowledge in the related area which need your enhanced presentation skill and should have patience to include the relevant details. Article section needs elaborate writing ups and moreover its approval from the editor side though not difficult but takes its own time. Considering all these limitations, here in the Forum Section, the contributors remain the relaxed moods in course of postings and so this section has picked up its popularity in terms expression of our views on different topics.

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    Mohan, please go through these guidelines. Responses to articles should add value to the article. No offences meant, but the mention of pittance cash credits is uncalled for.
    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    I often try to write articles but often it gets rejected and I get a little bit demotivated and so I stick to the forum section. Most often especially to creative writing competitions, where the emphasis is on the content and not the grammar. As article writing is a time taking process and require a little bit more effort and " Ask Expert" of course requires a little bit of research without which is a waste of time to reply, so the best option is left with is forum section where people mostly share opinions rather researched things. The forum section is a less time taking section I guess that is why it feels more of the comfort zone. Articles on ISC are mostly about the academic area and my writing interest leans more towards creative writing thus it rarely happens that find a topic worth writing.
    But I will try to write a few articles in the future whenever I have time. As I am always a little bit insecure about my punctuation errors and my focus on the message being conveyed sometimes my paragraphs get a little verbose and that happens despite using Grammarly.
    Since Grammarly free version only corrects spelling mistakes and grammatical errors it is not very good for proper editing, Editors can suggest a few free editing tools if they have some in their mind other than Grammarly for the interested writers.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    In my initial period after joining ISC I tried to contribute in many sections. But I found that I am not fit for certain sections as I just could not keep pace with some real experts and super contributors in those sections.
    Some sections scared me as I did not have update technical knowledge to give quality contributions.

    I do not like to post just for the sake of posting, or just for the sake of accumulating points. I have put to myself some minimum threshold of quality for my posts. Hence I venture only in those areas where I can contribute something that confirms to my own threshold. I generally do not venture into areas in which I do not have any knowledge. But sometimes if they interest me, I learn and then contribute.

    With regard to articles, many times, at the end, I had found that they were not worth the time and effort I put in and that disappointed me much. Moreover, I am not well tuned for the ' SEO techniques and visit attracting' topics. So I mostly restrict to keyword article contests.
    In Ask Experts section, I answer the questions on matters where I have some knowledge and experience from my life and career till now. As the section h brings many such questions, I am able to post more in AE section.
    Then as I am a generalist reader I post responses in Forum section too.

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    Those who have responded here are coming up with reasons for posting only in certain sections and excuses for not contributing to a particular section. These things have been discussed earlier also, My point is not to stick to the tried and tested, but, despite the challenges, contribute to other sections as well. For example, I do not think it is that tough to submit details of a school's campus infrastructure or write a review. Even articles on admissions are very simple and easy to draft.

    Not having time to look up information for an article is no excuse to stay away. When you have all the time in the world to respond to multiple threads (and we know only a few are doing so just for accumulating points), you could surely find time to work on an article! Essentially what you are doing is taking the easy way out, not challenging yourself. Why?

    As for keeping pace with others, why should this even be considered? Why should you feel overwhelmed? We are not competing here, surely, just enjoying penning down our thoughts in the forum or sharing our knowledge in other sections.

    Come on ISCians, set yourself some goals to veer towards sections that you usually don't contribute to on a regular basis. Make an effort to do something to stimulate your mind rather than sticking to the same boring stuff. I am going to try and answer AE queries and have set myself a current goal to post a forum thread daily till month-end at least.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    From the beginning, I am a regular contributor in two sections, AE and Forum Sections. I contribute to the Article section also once in a while. For the last three months, I am trying to submit more articles and I hope I will continue the same. Once in a while, I am trying to submit information about schools, colleges and other institutes. But I never tried posting Jobs in the job section.
    I agree with the author that some members will contribute only in contests. That may be due to their time constraint. It will be good if we start posting in all the sections so that we will also gain good knowledge. I will try definitely to contribute more in all sections to the maximum extent possible.
    In fact, contributing more in the articles sections and the jobs section is more rewarding than in other sections. So all members should try submitting their contributions in those sections also.

    always confident

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