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    A large poor population in our country has no other concern except earning their daily bread

    When we travel from one place to another then many times we witness congested and crowded colonies or slums full of poor people who are living in small rooms and also in unhygienic conditions. These colonies are not only present in the big cities but right in between or the outskirts of various towns also. These people are doing small jobs or even menial jobs to earn a livelihood and are living in that condition only and are not bothering for anything as a citizen who has also to think for the welfare of the society and progress of the nation because their main concern is to earn the daily bread and butter. In our country there is a large population like that who are not aware of the high population of the country and are in fact having a number of children because these children also do some small work and help the family financially. Many of these are migrant workers also. So the mindset of these people is quite different than that of the educated and well off people who have only one or two children and who always talk of keeping the environment clean and cooperate in the progress of the country. Until and unless the condition of these poor people is improved how can we expect our country to progress ahead in an effective way? Please share your views.
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    This is the main problem in our country. There are many people who are below the poverty line and their main concern is to earn their food for the day. They even can't think of food for the coming week. They have to think about their hunger for the day only. Unfortunately. many male members from those families will have the habit of drinking daily and a little money whatever they earn will go for their liquor and the other members of the family should sleep with just a glass of water only to fill their belly.
    Rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. That is what our Independent India achieved in its 75 years of independent journey. Unless otherwise sincere people rule the country and the other opposition members support rulers in executing sincere reforms, this country will have many such poor people forever. Politicians should become selfless and should work for the poor people and see that all the people will have some means of earning and getting their food.

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    Please do not underestimate the contribution of the poor to the society. For every purchase they make even with their meager earnings,they do play the role of responsible citizens and never have the tendency to dupe the government. Right from the morning till the evening, they do purchase things required for the family and themselves and also their salaries paid weekly has been paid through online these days and that is accounted for. And every labor or the poor people do celebrate festival and other occasions and their purchases also includes the state and central government tax and therefore every one in India contributes to the cause of the nation but in their own meager way. In fact labor class are happy these days as their daily minimum wage is 800 and they can easily live on that amount and middle class are the sufferers.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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