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    Why not create a common fund in Opposition-ruled States?

    in many States, one of the worst communal parties in the history of India, is in power. It has actually assumed power through the most dubious means, by corrupting and enticing MLAs from the other parties, even in Karnataka.

    This party talks about ethics, but it is the most unethical party in India. The Opposition is in power in four of the five South Indian States, in Maharashtra and a few other States. These Chief Ministers should come together and have a common fund that can be used to the help and the oppressed during the times of crisis such as floods or big fires or earthquakes and so on. We should do something in this respect. To expect the communal party to do anything for the Opposition ruled States is next to impossible.

    It is time for the entire Opposition to stand united and have a common fund.
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    If all the opposition parties come together and fight for the real problems of the people, nothing like it. But is it possible in the question? Many of the leaders these days are selfish and want power so that they can earn crores of rupees in corrupt ways. So they never unite for the sake of the people.
    We are seeing many leaders who were in big positions minting money and putting in other countries in banks or by purchasing assets for them or for their families. As such I never think that these people will come together. Telangana which was a surplus budget state is now a state with financial problems. The ruling party chief is more interested in his family welfare but not social welfare. In Andhra Pradesh. a corrupt man with many cases against him is at the helm of the affairs and the state is so spoiled that it can't develop in near future. What is that we expect from such parties? I don't know about the condition of other opposition ruled states but these two states are in a bad shape. They will never really work for the common man and they will make funds for themselves but not for the people who really deserve it.

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    I would have deleted this thread if not for the illogical conclusion by the author. Sivakumar, hope you know that we are a democracy and is governed by the Constitution? How can you raise such topics for discussion? Let us be practical.
    'Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.' -Zig Ziglar

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