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    Why not rupee one as Social welfare tax?

    The State Governments are always put to tremendous difficulty in times of great crisis. The Kerala Government got a raw deal from the Centre when there were huge rains in that State. Yet the Communist Government did a fabulous job and the State was back on its feet. The NRIs did help out.

    We also need innovative methods to collect tax. Those who visit the shopping malls and buy the goods are the upper middle class and the rich people. They are also very rich people. They also visit the airports and eat in the costly vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants where a good breakfast would cost Rs,400 per person, at current prices.

    Why not ask these people to pay just Re,.1 as social welfare tax? This should be collected and given to the State Government. I think this is a good method of collecting some revenue. This amount can be fairly substantial during a month, and might amount to ten lakh rupees at the minimum, per week. This can be used to help the poor at times of crisis.
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    It is good to collect additionally Rs. 1/- as social welfare tax. In this country, all middle-class people are suffering more. They never get any support from the governments and they are the main taxpayers in this country. Almost 40% of their earnings are going for paying taxes only. But what is happening to it? Is it getting used properly for the development of the country or to give food to the poor? No. That money is going to the political leaders and they are making more money. I know in united Andhra Pradesh, there was a chief minister who was sending briefcases to their party chief and at the same time suitcases to his house also. This is an open secret and many people in the state know about it. So why the burden of tax should be increased on these people. Instead of that the income tax level for the people with very high income say more than a crore a year can be made 40% instead of the present 30%. Why the people who are earning money by their hard works should pay more taxes.
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    Good suggestion made by the author. When it comes to imposing the tax, that must be more for the high end customers and minimum or nil for the middle class. Often it is the middle class which face the brunt of the new taxes levied. The proposal to collect the social welfare tax from everyone at the eateries or restaurants is the very good suggestion as we have seen some customers are giving wholesome tips to the supplier of the food and parting with one rupee may not be big deal. The hotels must be asked to deposit at least five rupees from each customer as the social welfare fund and that can be utilized to the same state in case of big emergencies or the natural calamities. Actually the PM Relief fund was made for this purpose and that was not used effectively as good donations were not forthcoming to the corpse.
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    I really wonder where we are going to receive benefits from the government as well as from a certain group of people. No matter who is in the government, if they cannot stop birth control, they will not be able to get out of this predicament.
    Imagine we are struggling to run a family of 5-6 people and the government is giving free vaccines and rations to 140 crore people? In a country where 10-12 crore people pay taxes and the rest get subsidies and allowances from tax money. Take a look at the life cycle of the people of our country; -
    Rs.25000 Kannasree money before marriage, 25000 rupees after marriage Ruposree, free vitamin medicine and treatment in case of pregnancy, Rs. 6000 after delivery, free food in the courtyard, a free vaccine, polio, tika, etc. for baby, free teaching, free books, and mid-day meal. Free high schooling, freecycle, subsidized education loan for further study, free house for their parents, various loans including an allowance to their parents, even Rs. 2000 for funeral after death. Especially in West Bengal, these are going at present.
    It is a shame to say that people have to give condoms to the government. Then understand how much we have become dependent on the government. Hence I can not accept such a scheme further.

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    Why should there be one more tax? Are the existing taxes- direct and Indirect not enough? We have only two hands. But the government takes away our money by way of Direct Taxes, Indirect taxes, professional tax, Service Tax, Cess, stamp fees, other fees, and many other levies as if it has many many hands in all directions. Not to say of GST. (It is a glaring irony that there is tax on everything now except for political service, political profession, political income and a few services which also have relevance and connection to political activities)

    Till dat I have not seen any reduction of taxes and levies. Income tax itself is wrong because the government taxes again the net income after levying Income Tax.
    Instead of the umpteen taxes there should be just one type of tax. I suggest it be the expense tax.

    Let us shed the stereotype hate for the rich. The rich also contribute to the government coffers. It is another matter if someone evades tax. That should be caught and dealt with sternly. Measures like making digital transactions and basing one unique identity for every transaction are some of the measures which can bring more transparency and reduce tax evasion. Moreover the less tax, more tax compliance.
    The suggestion of taking on rupee as new social welfare tax will be a failure as the tax administration expense will itself be more than the tax earnings. Such social purpose taxation is implemented by cess and will be for a specific purpose and for a short definite period.

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    If the taxes are collected exclusive for a corpse or the fund solely directed to the benefit of the state, that can be accounted for and even the public accounts committee which is represented by the opposition leader can questioned. But some members suggested that why one more tax and why not the amount be transferred to states from already collected funds through various central tax. Taxes are for development of huge nature and the fund is for urgent needs of natural calamities to which even the people would come forward to donate liberally. We have seen in the past as to how even the newspapers collected scores of rupees as the disaster relief fund and same say government can initiate state welfare fund and people would be ready to part more than one rupee for the state cause and that would be befitting money.
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    This is a very good idea but making a separate head will be inconvenient and cumbersome as already there are so many heads for tax collections. What can be done is that those who are in higher tax brackets and afford to pay a little more should be asked to pay say 1% more and that should be directed to the state Govt. So no additional governance or system would be required and within the existing system a good amount of money (in crores of rupees) would be available to the state Govt.
    Another alternative is to increase GST on luxury items and divert that increase to state Govt. Those who can afford should not mind it. Instead of helping the poor directly it would be through the Govt.

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    Taxation structure has already taken its saturated form and any hike in the upward would result more inconvenience and annoyance from the tax payers. If the government has an eye to mop up taxes from the common men in the name of welfare measures, this should be shifted to the affluent classes not minding to pay even Rs 500/ - for their breakfast. Even better for any purchase of luxurious item from the shopping complex additional GST is to be levied to be used the same for the utilisation of governmental expenses. The common men have been overtaxed and now is the time to provide them some relief from taxation.

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