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    Farm laws repealed - finally

    The Prime Minister has announced that the three contentious farm laws that had led to over a year of protests by farmers, will be repealed. He has stated that the formal process will be completed in the month-end Parliament session. The announcement was made today, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.

    However, the Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait has stated that the protest will only be halted once the laws are actually scrapped.

    The gutsy farmers are to be commended for not budging an inch.
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    Good decision. The Prime Minister realised that unless the farm laws are repealed, the elections in Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab are lost for the BJP. The farm laws are draconian. They will harm the farmers and benefit the private payers. Some of our members went to the extent of calling the protesting farmers fake ones, terrorists, and whatnot. The farmers did not lose their patience and fought a long battle with the government. The way they protested in a peaceful manner is exemplary. This is a great victory for the people's movement against an arrogant government.
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    This is an example of how continuous efforts and perseverance can lead to results, after so many days and so many efforts protesters have been able to achieve to some extent what they wanted and have made a government of strong leaders bog down. In this fight for strength, power, propaganda and rights finally farmers have emerged to some extent as winners. The last 2 years have been years full of drama and we have seen every kind of allegation placed on farmers but they did not budge from their position. This is the best part of democracy that we often see that no matter how much powerful and willing government or state is, it have to go with the will of the people only.
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    Ok. There is a stop to the unwanted farm laws bill and it is good that the announcement came on an auspicious day and hope the agitating farmers will get peace now. I feel now the farmers can stop their agitation now. The government will not go to such a level of going back on their own words. Congratulations to all the farmers who struggled a lot against the farm laws which they thought are not good for the farming community. It is proved that people are more strong in a democratic country than the rulers and what they want to achieve really can be achieved.
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    Surely this is the good announcement on the part of PM Modi when he was greeting the nation on the occasion of Guru Purab and we know Punjab is the farmers state and the main agitation was emanated from there. The sincerity of this government need to be appreciated that there was some flaws in implementing the farm laws that could not be rightly gauged and thus the PM has apologized to the farmers and to the nation. While the announcement was totally welcomed the agitating farmers. but what the main farmer leaders were telling that they would continue with agitation till the laws were totally scrapped. Surely further more good law would be in offing after the withdraw of far laws. Even the Congress has been caught of-guard as they want to make it a main issue in the general election and that is not possible now.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The announcement should have been made long ago. Why was this particular occasion selected? Just think! I don't blame the farmers for not withdrawing their protest till the promise is actually kept. As for the Congress caught off-guard, that is hardly something to gloat over. On the contrary, they have something to be upbeat about since they supported the farmers. This issue can still be a major part of their election campaigns and, after all, it is not the only one.

    As for further "good" laws. Let's wait and see which laws and how good.

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    I am really amazed at the blind support Modiji gets even when he is forced to retract his decision on which he stood stubbornly for more than one year. One can support anyone they like but blind support is not good. The farmers are not going to stop their agitation until the Farm Laws are withdrawn in the Parliament . They do not have faith in Modiji's assurance.
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    Govt is promulgating so many new rules and strictures time and again and out of that if due to some reasons one or two are withdrawn, there is nothing surprising in it. Sometimes Govt does it due to reasons unknown to the general public. Actually speaking Govt should have talked with the leaders of the farmers and would had settled for a medium path but nothing of that sort happened and finally Govt has withdrawn those proposed rules. If Govt wanted it could had long back arrested those people who were blocking the roads in the name of the farmer's agitation but it did not do so. Hence it is well understood that there could be some political motives also behind this simple looking withdrawal but gullible public would only see these things superficially and make some casual comments. If a Govt is doing hundreds of good things and in one it has to go back then there is nothing there to celebrate or to be sad or make hue and cry. It is the normal functioning in a democracy. Only the coming times would tell whether farmers gained or lost due to this withdrawal.
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    Wow , what a googly from PM Modi on recalling the farm laws. Let me explain in big way. That the farm laws were passed and made as gazetted and even started implementing and the protests started. Since it was the law already approved by the Parliament, the govt cannot stop. Now after one year PM wants to make Parliament to decide to continue the law or nor. The political parties which passed the law earlier would be completely exposed as if they agree for the law their support to the agitation would be questioned and if they agree to scrap the law then BJP would take it as anti farmers plank of the parties. So a more than Chanakya Neethi has been played here and everyone thinking that Modi gone weak and accepted the farmers stir with humiliation. Actually he paved way for big win in future and other parties would be washed away.
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    No comments on the illogical undercurrents in response #746729. As for cricketing terms, know them before using them. It was clean bowled by the farmers, perhaps a 'Mankading'?
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    Yes, after all this time the government has a positive attitude towards the farmers. But such a decision should have been taken long ago in the way the peasant movement has been going on for a long time. I think the farmers will benefit from this. No one knows better than a farmer how I will benefit from my crops. So I think the government has taken a great decision in response to the farmers' request
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    Vandana madam, what I said has the meaning and you have to agree. That Parliament need to take debated and cancel the already passed law and every political party which supported the bill would be fixed now.
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    As per my knowledge, only two parties supported the bills in Parliament. So it is not like all opposing parties are in a fix. "The PM wants to make Parliament decide to continue the law or not." Isn't that the norm in Parliament when something passed earlier is repealed? Where is the question of "wants to"? As pointed out in the first response, the far-reaching repercussions were realized in the light of forthcoming elections which was the major reason for stepping back.
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    It may not be fair on my part to comment on the farm laws since I have not gone through the laws but would like to point out a couple of things here. The apex court has already stayed the implementation of the laws and formed a committee to look into the details earlier this year. Any law and its ramifications will be decided by the Supreme Court who is the custodian of the Constitution of India and when the laws are challenged before the court I think the court should have given the final decision. Many of the policies, projects, etc of the centre and the states are based on vote banks and policies are scrapped too depending on the ground situation gauged by the ruling parties. Undoubtedly, this decision to repeal the laws were taken because there are elections in some states around the corner. If it is because of the continuous agitation of the farmers are we ready to agitate throughout the country to save democracy and lead a corruption-free life? I hope our voices will be listened to by someone too!

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    Your last statement was spot on and hope it echoes loud and clear. You can check out the gist of why the farmers were against the three bills in this report-

    You can also use the search tool and check out the interesting discussions we've had starting in December last year, on the three bills.

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    The political parties which supported the Farm Laws are Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP), Tamil Manila Congress- Moopanar (TMC-M), and Bodoland People's Party (BPP). I think Janata Dal (United) also supported the bills. The Shiromani Akali Dal, which is an ally of the NDA government opposed it. Do not mistake TMC-M with the Trinamool Congress Party(TMC) of Ms. Mamata Banerjee. TMC opposed the bill.
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    Personally, I appreciate the prime minister for repealing these three laws. Reactions from different quarters are coming in different ways. Media is projecting this decision as master stroke whereas farmer-leaders still have daubts. They are reluctant to welcome this decision until these laws are repealed in parliament , besides it, msp and other issues are also settled along with this issue. According to farmers our prime minister is a heartless politician for not showing or offering any condolences on death of more than seven hundred farmers, even some of them committed suicide and left letters or notes to prime minister to repeal these laws but he didn't heed to their last demand. According to them internal survey and opinion poll conducted by RSS and BJP are showing that bjp is losing the 2022 U.P. elections. Situations in other states is also not bright for the party. It may be a difficult situation for bjp spokespersons to defend their harsh allegations on farmers. They called them mawali, ghunde, terrorists, khalistani, Maoists, anti nationals, Chinese and Pakistani agents etc. How will they figure out?

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    Now the real motives of agitating people has openly exposed them as they are not fighting for farmers but to unseat the UP government as they extended the farm stir further and now demanding MSP issue to which there is no matter at all. When the PM Modi appealed farmers to go back to work as the seasons are approaching, the so called farmers choose to up the stir against the center unless and until decision on MSP not taken. This proves their adamant attitude and they should know that the earlier laws are still in force and can be implemented as nothing passed to stall them. Therefore the real farmers has to raise the voice as some group of people are hijacking their cause for the politics and the real issues would be put on hold.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    # 746860
    It manifests that decision to repeal the farm laws was due to fear of losing U.P. elections. Now as the author has suggested from reliable sources that laws are still in force if they don't vacate their protest site these laws will be continued on them. The second aspect suggested in this post is that there are a small number of farmers who don't represent the majority of the farmer community, if it is true then the government should not repeal these laws. As there is no valid point to repeal these great laws which are for the welfare of common folk of farmers.
    But the question comes to mind why the government is stooping before these adamant farmers who are a handful in number? For they have no voice among the majority of farmers. The author suggests that the majority of farmers should oppose these fistful farmers on every platform. I think there is no need to be serious about this issue. Government should ignore these fistful farmers.

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    "Fistful"? Really? The majority of the farmers may be from a couple of States, but if I am not mistaken farmers from nearly a dozen States have been opposing the bills right from the start. Simply because they are not all literally sitting in with the protestors outside Delhi does not mean that they are not opposing the bills.
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    # 746902
    Have you not heard what our prime minister said in man ki baat?
    Most of the farmers are happy. Only some farmers are protesting against these laws?

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    It was the timely intervention of our prime minister to take note of the prevailing situation. He might have done some homework regarding the pros and cons of farming bill. Any stretching of the farming bill would give rise to dissatisfaction the farmer's community which could affect polling outcome of the states where the elections are likely to take place in the year ahead. This should not be interpreted that he has lost the game with such a pronouncement but it reflects the other side - giving an impression that he is meant for the farmers and so long as he is in the governance, farmer's interest would remain his topmost priority.

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    26th. November marks the first anniversary of the' Farmers Agitation' for the repeal of the Farm Laws. According to Anuroop Sandhu, an MPhil student of Delhi University, 671farmers died at the protest site. She maintains a record of all the farmers died so far at the protest site. The farmers staged a prolonged, peaceful agitation to make the government bend and repeal the laws. Had the Prime Minister taken this decision earlier, many lives would have been saved. Even now as per the political analysts, this decision was taken to save the party from damage in the ensuing assembly polls to Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. It is for political reasons but not for the welfare of the people. It is unfortunate that this is viewed as a game plan that is being played on the people and the Prime Minister has not lost the plot. This is how the voters are being misled by giving a false impression that the farmer's interest is the topmost priority of this government. Are our voters really so foolish to believe all this?
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    There were some confusions also in the farmer's agitation episode. We do not know whether the farmers understood the new laws or not or did they simply followed their so called leaders. Even the integrity of some of these leaders is questionable. In politics when there is no way out then the opposition tries to create an anti establishment wave in which many gullible people just get swept away.
    So we must be careful in interpreting the failure of Govt in implementing these new farm laws. The issues are not as simple as they appear superficially.

    Knowledge is power.

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    @746995: The confusions are in the minds of people who support the Farm Laws but not in the minds of the agitating farmers. The farmers are not totally uneducated. There are retired army people in it. Educated youth are also taking up farming these days. One example is Ramandeep Singh Mann is a resident of Dhelwan village in Bathinda. He is an Engineer by qualification. He worked in Norway until 2010. His interest is in farming. He also joined the agitation. These are all the particulars gathered from news portals only. They might be farmers with little education but their children need not necessarily be uneducated as many uneducated are educating their children.

    Assuming that the farmers did not understand the Farm Laws is absurd. I personally feel that those supporting the laws did not understand the laws and their impact on the farming community. The farmers very well understand the impact and that is why they agitated.

    Agitation of this type cannot be sustained for a long time unless there is a genuine understanding of the impact of the laws. No outside support can sustain the agitation this long unless there is a genuine concern among the farming community. The government misread the agitation from the very beginning and tried to thwart it in many ways but failed. Finally, the government has to back out and repeal the Farm Laws.

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    # 746995
    Who is gullible and who is not? I find it a bit confusing, rather more conflicting and contradictory itself. If someone is gullible in your sight may be intelligent and pragmatic or otherwise. It is not necessary that you should agree with me and vice versa but the fact is that hardly anyone exists on this planet who would like to be called gullible despite being gullible. I think you won't mind if I tell you something that sometimes, gullible person's views are reflected in your post.
    I think farmers should come up with 'cheer up' for their success. Shouldn't they?
    There are lots of things getting circulated around the globe through the internet. We should keep all doors open to have comprehensive information about every issue but sadly I see several of us are pleased to have limited means of information and this confinement makes them satisfied

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