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    Repeal of controversial Farm laws in toto- Right or wrong-how do you see it

    The country has ben witnessing 'Farmers Agitation' which culminated to a long drawn road-block. The indirect fall out was loss of a few lives.
    The main demand of the agitators was repeal of the three farm laws. The central government at first was adamant on the matter as they were convinced that the laws were for the benefit of the farmer community. Then probably by the signals coming from court cases, they agreed for a stay on the immediate implementation of the laws, and did so.
    However never was there any appearance of change of stand from government side and never agreed to repeal, but were ready to do any genuine amendments for redressing any real grievances.

    Actually this stand put the BJP/NDA party leaders, MPs and legislators in a very delicate position. So much so that they could not come with sincere and forceful defence of the government. Still government did not relent.

    Now when it was totally unexpected the central government has declared that they are repealing the farm laws in toto-that is they have totally acceded to the demands of the agitators.

    What is your inference from this? Does it show the weakness and vulnerability of the government? Or is it just a pre election trick considering UP elections? Can this weaken the government's grip and lead to many such hardened agitations in future? Should we pardon the PM and central government for putting the country in tenterhooks all these months? Or should we sup[port taking it as a good gesture of a real democratic government? What will be the fate of small farmers now? Are they still at mercy of the powerful politico-Farm lobby? How this will affect the opposition parties? Will this help NDA in UP electons?

    Let us discuss in detail about this important matter
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    The repeal of farm laws after more than one year is nothing but an election trick. This decision taken by the government may help or may not help in the coming Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab elections but will certainly put the government on the backfoot. This will certainly weaken the government. A backstep always shows a lack of courage or doubtfulness. The Prime Minister owes an apology for putting the farmer community to unnecessary hardship. They suffered a lot in the cold weather conditions during winter.
    Whoever goes through the farm laws will be certain that some conditions may not stand Constitutional validity. These laws will help the private players and the poor and marginal farmers may end up losing their land over a period of time.
    This is not a gesture taken by the government to acknowledge the just demands of the farmers but a political decision to benefit in the coming assembly elections. The excise duty cut on petrol and diesel is also such a decision. Hope the people see through the game plan by the party and teach a fitting lesson to it.

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    Venkiteswaran sir, is there any doubt? Shri Modi who has been silent for more than a year and has been instrumental in taking action against the agitating farmers has suddenly woken up. Even the opposition's opposition could not wake him up. It is a political gimmick that is unfortunate. It is all part of an agenda and we, the people, are going to suffer.
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    @746684 & b746682; you have touched main points. But I have hinted many more vital points that can be a fallout of this much-delayed, but sudden appearing decision.

    One point I missed to mention in my main thread is whether this can bring back Rahul Gandhi in limelight? He had once remarked with a great conviction that ultimately the govt has to repeal the laws. That time it appeared as only a general political stand by opposition leader. But no his words have come true. Can Rahul and Congress exploit this opportunity?

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    Rahul Gandhi is not relevant now. It takes some more time for him to become relevant. I think I have touched on all the main points in my previous response. The country is very much polarised. Congress party at this point of time cannot exploit the situation to its advantage but may certainly gain to some extent.
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    Any political party wants to be in power always and they will do whatever they can do for the same. BJP is also basically a political party and it has to be in the good books of the people to be in power. So we can say the decision is a political decision only. We have seen many such decisions in past also. The division of unitedAndhra Pradesh into two states was also such a decision.
    Whether the party will get benefitted from this decision or not will be known only after the coming election in some important states of the country.
    The fate of the small farmers will continue to be the same. It will be as it was from day one of our independence. There is no end to their sufferings, I feel.
    This action of the central government will encourage people to go for agitations to get their demands fulfilled. I don't think the decision of taking back these farm laws will benefit the Congress party in the coming elections. That party has to do a lot of constructive work to get back their old reputation.

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    When there is popular unrest over the good scheme the government has to buckle and that is what happened in the case of farm laws which was more that one year old and yet there was farmers agitation seeking for repeal and the PM Modi has chosen Gurunank Ji Jayanthi for the repeal of the laws. By the way this is not the backtrack of the government and it would be again brought with changes as sought by the opposition and this time that would be more than wanted and more popular. There may be remarks that this is the political stunt played by NDA as they have to face the elections soon. But when big decision with further more teeth to the farmers are in offing, nothing wrong to repeal the same. This is not a game plan as alleged even by the members here as they failed to recognize any good move by this government.
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    Can you please show some instances even from the previous government of what is not political in politics because then the only difference I find is on intention?

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    Let the discussion continue in this thread.
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