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    Tolerance, second thinking are important to keep cordial relationship between persons

    Cordial relationship between persons whether friend of family persons are very much important to a human for his or her better life. We should never take spontaneous decision on any situation and we should never twist our tongue as of our initial mind says. We should think secondly or think by waiting for sometime to avoid any crack in the relationship.
    I read in one book: One Mr. Gopal called his close friend in the other city over phone that he was about to visit his house with his wife. The friend also felt happy and replied that if he brought a good cake when he is coming to the house would be great as his son's birthday fall on that day. Gopal agreed and bought a costly cake and went with his wife and participated well in the birthday party. After stay in his house on that night Gopal planned to return to his city and accordingly he communicated the same to his friend. Gopal expected the friend would give the cost of cake back to him. But the friend told Gopal,'Gopal, thanks for the cake. As the cake found a big one you take the share to your house for your children also'. With half minded, Gopal accepted and returned to his city. On the way in the train Gopal told his wife about his expectation from the friend. She told him back that, 'This is nothing wrong, you keep your mind free'. But when they reached their house and opened the cake box for their children he found a cover on that the cake portion which contains a letter and cash. Friend wrote in that letter,
    Gopal, I believe you will not accept money from me for the cake as you are a lovely friend of mine but by considering the cost, I planned in this way, do not mistake me!" If Gopal put a word to his friend about the money the reaction would be anything.
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    Very nice post from the author and the story telling behind judging a right person was well presented by the author. Many a time we arrive at the conclusion that the opposite persons is wrong as the response from them was not instant and spontaneous and we think that they have undermined us. But here in this case the person done his reply in a most professional way and yet would melt the heart of his friend for the gestures which was not expected. Therefore we should not have cast of any apprehensions between the friends and if at all the over look takes place, that can be pardoned keeping in view the past deeds of the friend. But it is always better to wait and respond to anything and that would not only save our respect but also we can gauge the situation very well and give the befitting reply for sure.
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    Very true. Patience is very important in our lives to have cordial relations with other people. Some people keep their thoughts personal and never share them with others and only at an appropriate time only they will spell out. The thoughts of the two persons in the same incident about the other person are very different.
    We should not be in a hurry to come to a decision and wait for the happenings. This will come with maturity. Here one good thing is nobody spelt out what is there in their mind. If Gopal's friend has given the money openly to him, Gopal might have accepted the money. But his friend has a very high opinion of Gopal and so gave the money indirectly.
    The moral of the story is that we should not come to conclusions easily and we should give sufficient time for things to happen.

    always confident

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