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    Emergency door must be there even in flats to escape during fire

    We all know that in Independent homes, there are many doors inside and but one in the front and one in the back would not only have the good cross ventilation possible but also have the chance to escape for life in times of fire. Whereas such facilities are not provided in apartments or flats we reside. At least one window can be designed as the escape route in case of emergency like in train also one window does not have the customary iron rods across the same. Fire mishap can occur at any flat and this may spread to lower or upper floors immediately. Do you agree that Emergency door or window must be there even in flats to escape during fire?
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    That is very true. There should be an escape route always. In malls and big buildings, we see steps also in addition to lifts. These steps are useful for people to escape during emergencies. In case of any fire in these buildings, power will be stopped and lifts will not work. So people will use the steps way to come out of the building, As mentioned by you it will be good if the apartments also are provided with two exits like independent houses people will have two ways to get out of the house. I have seen some flats where there are two doors to go outside. But the majority of the apartments will have a single door only to go out. All apartments will have a common area on one side of their apartment only and that common area will have lifts and stair cases. If we have to provide two doors, the second door also will come to the same common area. Otherwise, the common area will increase and that will make the cost of the apartment to go up.
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    What the author has discussed is the relevant point and we must such steps to ensure that the inhabitants of the flats are not affected in the event of fire through the emergency door mechanism. This would certainly prevent the occupants from the fire hazards. Arrangement of the exit door with the provision of other mechanism would escalate the cost of the apartments but that should not be issue of the tenants. The builders may levy extra charges for such provisions but the buildings must be supported by the safety mechanisms to restore the confidence of the tenants.

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    The apartments are provided with a sprinkler system on each floor. In case of fire, the plastic covering will melt and water starts sprinkling putting out the fire. Fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire detecting systems should be provided in corridors of each floor, and at least one person from each flat should know how to use them. The provision of a window without a grill is a good idea but the flat owners may not like it as entry will be easy when they are out of the station. Small apartments are not provided with two stairways which are dangerous.
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    Generally in the flats only one front door is there and then there will be a staircase as well as lift side by side or very near to each other. From the safety point of view it will be very beneficial if a door is provided in the backside of the flat and a separate staircase for getting down the building. This will definitely increase the cost of the flat by about say 5% but it will be a great help in case of fire or any other disaster. I remember during my childhood we were staying in three storey buildings and there used to be always a back door and staircase for going down from that side. Why this practice is not there in the today's multi-storey buildings is a question we must find answer to. The reason comes in my mind is only the increase in cost.
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