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    During an argument tone of voice changes things

    Whenever there is an angry tone of voice it changes everything, it can change the whole direction of an argument is going to move. Often whenever we are in a situation where we have to fight for what is right, or what we believe is right and are in confrontation with others.
    How the result is going to turn depends on the tone of the person.
    Be it a conversation with the family members or be it outsiders tone changes the whole narrative. And not everyone has the knack to have a conversation in a calm and normal tone, do you have this knack to let your voice remain in the same tone throughout the argument.
    Can you stay cool through the argument no matter how much the person in confrontation irritates you and force you to lose your calm?
    Are you the cry baby? Are you the angry one? or are you forever calm? person in an argument. And what have been your experiences with confrontations and arguments? '
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    That is true. The way in which we talk will make the difference. The words we use, the way we speak and the extent of the sound will make the difference. Many times we can understand the mood of the other person based on the volume of the voice. A discussion will turn into an argument if one of the participants raises his voice. When a person tries to dominate by raising his voice, other participants may not keep silent and they may also start voicing their point in a high pitch. Then the discussion will become an argument.
    Modulating your voice based on the situation is very important for a good manager. A good manager will always know where he should be soft-spoken and where he has to use hard words. I have seen some people express themselves very clearly by using soft words without hurting the feelings of others. But some use very strong and irritating words which will make the other person get irritated.

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    Good post from the author. It is often noticed that those who are wrong and trying to defend themselves would be changing their voice tone to high mode so that the reality can be concealed and others would be forced to believe. Even in the court the lawyers would be making this kind of effort. While trying to defend their client, the lawyers pitch in high voice and even cornering the defense lawyer but the judge would be watching the tone and actions which are not relating to the case or happening and thus make it mind to award punishments. And those who have their winning combinations of trust and faith, they need not worry and need not even raise the voice, as the silence itself would speak the truth. And my policy is to allow other person to shout and end after loosing energy and ultimately some good defending words would close the matter.
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    It is said that the tone and modulation of our voice tell much more than the words we used to communicate. The subtle variations in the tone or our speech conveys meaning what we intend behind it. During the discussions or heated discussions or conflicts or confrontation or any sort of communication we often change our tone and pitch of voice in order to impress the other person or settle the score with that person. We are so habitual of doing this thing that we don't know that we have done it and the effect is already there on the recipient.
    Those who are intelligent and diplomatic don't modulate their voice much except when impressing a gathering by their speeches.
    It is really of very great help if we can control the tone, pitch, and modulation of our voice while talking to others because it greatly reduces the chances of conflict and confrontation with others.

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