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    Is the present-day society male-dominated?

    During earlier days ladies are not allowed to go out to work. They were restricted to houses and household work only. The male members of the family were only taking all the decisions and ladies were to follow them. They were not allowed to air their views. Girls were not even going to colleges for studies. Everybody used to say that society was male-dominated.

    But slowly many reforms were taken place and the importance of females increased. They were also getting educated and showing their potential. Today the ladies are competing with men in all the fields. In many areas, women are ahead of men. In many families, women are only involved in taking decisions and men are not that important. But still, we all say that society is male-dominated.

    I feel these days men and women are equally important and no more men domination is there. What is your understanding of this?
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    Society is no more male-dominated. Women are also empowered and many changes are taking place. There may be a number of households where males may be having the final authority but things are changing. The main reason for women's empowerment is education and with that the capability to earn. The political parties also realized how important it is to get women voters on their side. The uneducated and poor women are helped with a lot of schemes to earn money and be self-sufficient. It is a good sign that women are active at home and in society also.
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    There are a lot of underlying issues that men can't see with the male-dominated society as they are the ones with privilege and the ones with privilege can't see the fault lines in such cases.

    1) Working women no matter how mauch they are exhausted is still expected to do the household chore because it is an understood duty of woman (a gender role). Whereas males after coming from office rest as if they have done all the tasks in the world. Ans sharing bare-minimum things they want appreciation for which women are never given any praise.

    2) In many families girls are given education but only to some extent, spending more money on their higher education is considered a wasteful expense. Especially if the girl wants to pursue a professional degree course.

    3) Talking about women health-related issues in our society is taboo, especially if it is related to mensuration, pregnancy or any other diseases. Women health is such a neglected issue, and women taking a rest for such a thing is a big deal in a normal Indian household. Whereas a man can take such rest at will and the whole house is at their disposal.

    4) All the birth control measures are expected to be done by women, Man is never expected to take responsibility for such an issue. In fact, it is a topic rarely discussed because the whole onus falls on women and any kind of harm to man's masculinity is feared and women have to go through various procedures and take pills whole life.

    5) Any assertive man in any organisation who is progressing at a high pace is appreciated for his hard work whereas when a woman progress at such a rate her character assassination is the easiest office gossip and talk. Her assertiveness is seen as a character that women should not have.

    6) Maritial rapes are very common in India but again people are silent about it. And even laws against it are opposed by men because there is a fear that many might be fake cases. And someone doesn't even understand such a thing as marital rape because they feel they have a complete right over their wives bodies.

    - Then there are cases where a 19-year-old girl in Haryana was killed for wearing Jeans by her brother and grandfather.
    - Honour killing in the name of protecting the honour of the family.
    - Domestic violence (even in the case of very educated individuals)
    - time limits on girls coming home and college because of fear of males around ( since society is not safe)

    The realities of the society we don't want to see just because we see few modern women in an urban space. Whereas rural India is still the same and even in urban areas there are a lot of things that are very common.
    When everyone knows that decisions in Indian households are still made by men only and in some cases, only woman's opinions are asked.
    This is not at all equality but there are positive steps in society because of education some girls and women have got voices to be vocal and men things male domination has ended. Until and unless women have right over their bodies, about their bodies and what they want to wear how they want to live it is not at all end of male domination.
    My views might feel way too much radical to many male members of this forum but these are realities rarely comes to the fore but are part of feminist literature and classroom debates only.

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    I agree that still there are issues. But definitely, the percentage has come drastically down to say that male domination has come down and definitely it is a good sign.
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    Things are changing. Society's thinking is changing. Still the change has to go a long way before girls and women get their due equality. Girls are given permission to study and move and take decisions, but they are given permission to do so. Why do they have to be given permission? There is a constant fear of something wrong happening to them and getting defamed in society. So, the change in thoughts has to take place in proper manner first, before we can say that women dominated society.

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    I don't think the modern world does not suppress women for various reasons. In fact,girls and ladies are respected where ever they live or work because they also have good qualifications and rub shoulders with men even in applying fo army and get selected.

    However,before two decades this kind of situation was very rare. Women of middle class and lower class had to face brick bits from their brothers,fathers and male relatives of their family members even for wearing modern dress and wearing make up.

    Kudos to the modern women who had fought for her liberty and got what he has wanted. Thanks to some men folks who had supported the women.
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    The whole point of the thread raised was that whether society is male-dominated or not?
    To which I will say it is still male-dominated but yes women have come far from the past situation but there are still miles to go before we sleep. Even if a man does something for woman folk they do it with so much of patronising attitude, not as an equal partner they want praise for their deeds for doing bare-minimum many times.
    The day when women will not have to seek permission for every little thing, the day when they will not fear roaming around the roads without being eve-teased, raped or killed. and the day every woman truly have an equal opportunity of education that day I will say it is equal and not under domination or hegemony of a particular gender.

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    I am not seeing any equality or equal opportunities given to the females and surely that means the males are in complete domination of the situation and the women are given the space but not the authority. Why my thinking because right from the ward member to the MP level, though the women would win the seat, all the back ground actions are prompted and guided by the husband or the family members and the women politician need to listen them. So where is the power and position to decide on own when everything is totally dominated under the male order. I think our women are not fully informed about the rules and procedures nor they know the past happenings which make them vulnerable to act under the men and thus though claims are made that women are given more emancipation and power , nothing like that.
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    Present society is a male-dominated society. As per my view, there is no confusion in this sentence. Women indeed got freedom in every walks of life in comparison to early times. But it does not mean they have achieved equal status. I think she has miles to go for achieving equal status. Even today, those women who are in higher posts take permission in many matters from their husbands. There are many families in Indian society having differences between boys and girls especially rural society follow same as earlier. There is no change in attitude towards the girl child. Even today, girls can't roam on the road freely. They can't return home late night. After having a good job, she has to do all household work. So, in the true sense, they got relaxation in their lifestyle and nothing more.

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    This is a very controversial subject in which neither side can be said to be completely correct. When we see, we find that in most of the families of today, both men and women are financially involved and perform other responsibilities very well, but still, some cases come such that without the consent of men, the decisions are not completed. Considered. I have seen many women who, even after contributing to the work, are dependent on the men of the house for their life decisions. Ace is inhibited but still can be considered to be neither entirely female nor male-dominated.

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    By seeing all the postings from different authors, one point I understood is that still the domination of males is there but there is an improvement in the situation. Let us all work together and see that equal rights will be achieved and there will not be any domination of males or females.
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    The nature has bestowed more physical power to the males and due to that they could do outside work and could also become the head of the family and in a way not only dominated the women but the whole family. But this situation changed drastically with the modernisation in the society and with the women coming out of the four walls of the house. It is not the end yet as more and more freedom and autonomy to the women is to be given in coming times. They have to get a fair part of this world and not only to a privileged section of women but all of them.
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