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    Wishing you all International Men's day

    Well while social media stays flooded with posts like Happy woman's day and it has become a way of branding products as well, and starting point of many schemes and organizations.
    Rarely anyone comes up with wishing things like International men's day or doing such branding. But as women face many issues and the day brings forth many issues man does too but there are things that the other gender can't understand about the other.
    So Happy International Men's Day to all the male members here on ISC, and you can all share any gender-specific issues that men face and which rarely comes to the fore.
    As men are often told to man up and be strong in any and every situation so if any story you want to share on this special occasion.
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    Thank you Neelam for giving us the space and wishing the International day for the men. Yes we have been cornered and demanded more from the women and our situation sometimes become vulnerable and cannot be explained. We need to attend every demand of the woman no matter it is urgency, wanted or not, but the fact that we have to satisfy the needs of the woman to have the best life without face off and misunderstanding. As long as one has the understanding wife by side much has been won by the husband and if the wife seems to be spend thrift and does not understand the situation and react on her own, just imagine the plight of the husband as he cannot approach the courts which are pro-women and he has to sulk within and surrender to her overtures. Anyways we are facing challenges of odds and being the winners.
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    Happy international men's day to all the members of ISC. Thanks to the other for her best wishes on this important day. Generally, we all feel that women are suffering at the hands of men. But I have seen some cases the other way also. It is good to hear that there is a day allocated as men's day.
    I have no problem with my wife. Generally. many men complain that accompanying ladies during shopping is very difficult as the ladies spend a lot of time in shops when they go for purchasing an item. But I have no such issue. My wife will be very fast in selecting items and I need not wait for long for her to complete her shopping. I am always thankful to my wife for the support she gives to me in all the issues.

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    Well, what it is all about? I do not know anything about such a day but my thanks to Neelam for the wish. All such international days and events have significance and a message or theme. I hope there must be some themes or messages for this occasion too. If anyone is aware of it please do share.

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    I also wish a happy international men's day and on this particular occasion I want to mention that very few men will have issues in this world because they are generally at the helm of the affairs and are responsible for their own deeds as well as planning ahead in every aspect. Everyone in society is looking towards men only when it comes to making big decisions, bringing money to the household, and taking care of the situation in any adverse circumstance. I do not say that only men are contributing in this world. Women are also doing a great contribution in raising the family, managing the household, and even doing jobs outside bringing additional money for the welfare of the family. With time women are coming out more and more in numbers for working outside of the home and contributing in the society in various ways. They are fighting for their equality in the society and other demands for which they are looking up to the system.
    For men there is no such problem, they are already the better half. Being in a privileged position they can't ask for any equality or anything of that nature and so the international men's day is only a symbolic day for them as far as my understanding goes. That could be the reason why this day is not celebrated with much fun and fair.

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