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    Getting the most out of the least

    Whether it is an ice cream or a pickle, not just kids but adults too love to swipe off the absolute last bit, eager to get the maximum out of something that we enjoy.

    Consider as well products that we use regularly. There is the toothpaste tube. Many people just get fed up with trying to squeeze it when it is practically over and throw it away. If you are one of them, stop. Don't waste. You can extract the paste that is still left. Some people will cut it from either end and extract what is left. You can also use the rolling pin used for rolling out flour dough to make rotis (this was in a scene in the film Mission Mangal).

    Do you have similar handy tips to extract the most out of the least?
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    It is true that we should not waste any material and through it our as waste. We should use or give it to somebody who may like to use it.
    Various types of face creams are coming in tubes and extracting the total quantity is very difficult. But we should try to use the maximum possible. So these tubes should be kept upside down so that whatever material is there in the tube slowly will come down and get accumulated near the opening and then taking out that cream will become very easy. Unlike toothpaste, face creams will flow easily so if you keep it upside down for a long time all the material will definitely flow down and there will not be any wastage of the material.

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    Nice post from the author and it suggests that we should not leave anything left over and extract what ever possible to get best out. For example many of us would have the coconut drink and return the shell to the vendor who pretends to throw away beneath the push cart, but later he would take away the pulp of the coconut which is tiny layer and that is very good for health. And there is a knack to know the presence of tender coconut inside and normally the vendor would deny nothing like that inside. Next time force him to break open the coconut to find either the tender layer or the good layer of coconut and that would be sweet and good for health. I think many of us does not do this and leave it after just drinking the coconut water. By the way the Bangalore coconut does not have the pulp inside at at all.
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    This is an interesting post. My grandmother used to eat her rice and dal in the cooking pot itself because it had some thick material stuck to it and it had much more taste than the dish itself. In poor families we can see the children licking their plates even after the food is finished. They will wipe the last drop or grain from the plate and then it would sparkle as if it has been washed. These were of course some extreme cases of getting most out of the least.
    I am one person who not only believes in it but acts also in that line and I had made many useful things out of the old fashioned clothes and old items in the house though many family members disapproved of doing that as it looked something which only poor and downtrodden do. Personally I do not think so because it gives me a sense of creativity and innovation. You can buy everything with money but the feeling of a creative work is much above that and only those can have that feeling who know to get the most out of the least in every situation.

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    Yes, we must use the materials to the level best since money has been paid for its full utility of the purchased products. Tube of toothpaste contains some amount of materials that cannot be extracted unless we take an extreme step to squeeze out the residual by tearing of the external cover to take out the materials. There are many different items such as dress materials purchased ten years back and the same is sparingly used and looks as good as new one and inspite of using the same, we rush to the store to have a set of new clothes. We should use the materials in a prudent manner so as the utilities of the products could be enhanced.

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    Consider the oil bottle or the ghee pouch. How do you get the most out of them? In the case of the plastic bottle of oil, we tend to squeeze them and shake them to get out the last drop. Try placing it in a bowl of warm water. You will see the oil that was on the inner sides of the bottle slide down to the bottom and thus you will get a few more drops. Same with a jar of ghee. In the case of a pouch, I warm a spoon and move it around the foil packet, which melts the ghee that I can then let drop into a container.

    Umesh's response of using old clothes brought to mind the discussion we had on old bedsheets

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