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    For diabetics, millets flour can be a good alternative to rice and roti

    Diabetic patients are in every home today. And according to the doctor's prescription, we are taking the same medicine day after day, but the dose of the medicine is increasing day by day. This is because the amount of sugar in the blood is not decreasing and as a result, various diseases are settling in the body. Indigenous millets such as ragi, Jowar, foxtails have a much lower sugar content than ordinary rice or Ata roti. Therefore, eating them instead of rice or roti in a regular diet can be seen to reduce the sugar level gradually. Millets can be taken as boiled or fluffed and eaten in the form of bread, paratha, etc. along with other vegetables. You can try it at home for at least three months to see the changes. What do you think about this? share, please.
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    Rightly said by the author as those who are having the diabetes they better avoid taking rice and wheat instead they can try many varieties of millets available. The one which is very famous are the Thinai we call it in Tamil and that can be made either as rice. pongal, and even made as vada. Raagi is another type of small variety of food item that can be made as the liquid diet for the diabetic patients.There is one more item called Samai or little millet that looks white and good for health. Then there is one more item called Kudhiraivali or barnyard millet which looks like small sabu dhana and good for health. There is one more variety called Varagu or the kodo millet which has the good fiber better than the wheat and one would not feel like hungry. Then we have Kambu or pearl millet which has rich ingredients for strength and energy.
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    These days many alternative food grains are coming which are having fewer carbohydrates and higher protein content. Millets are one such alternative. In our house both my daughters in law eat these millets daily instead of rice. Daytime they eat millets and a little rice. In the nights they take only millets. I have seen many people these days eating them.
    Luckily I have no diabetic problem. From my childhood, I have had the habit of drinking coffee or tea without sugar. I never prefer sweets and eat them very rarely. So I am lucky I have no BP or Sugar. These days I reduced the quantity of rice that I eat and at night I go with two chapatis only.
    I think by having proper food habits and diet control we can control the sugar problem. Prevention is always better than cure.

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    Diabetes is an ailment which is supposed to be managed with the prescribed medicines and by following a healthy life style. Both the things have to go hand in hand otherwise the diabetes will be out of control soon. When we talk of healthy lifestyle it means everything from the exercises to taking good, healthy, nutritious, low calorie, low sugar, and natural food. It is well known that many grains like jawar, bajra, ragi etc are having low sugar and provide good nutrition. They also have good amount of fibre in them which is good for our gut health. Avoiding junk food which generally contains high amount of oil and other such harmful ingredients is a must in managing diabetes.
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    A lot of food discipline is required in managing the diabetes apart from controlling the emotional factors. It has been practically proven that remaining under continuous stress would elevate sugar level despite consumption of prescribed medicines. Taking foods which normally take its own timings in the breaking up while ingested are considered ideals. The list of such foods might be exhaustive but to name a few, Ragi, Oats, Millets, Eggs etc are beneficial. One should avoid overeating and should ensure that some physical exercise is being followed along with food discipline. This being a disease of life style disorder needs daily care in managing the sugar level.

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    I have been told by a senior diabetic specialist that the eating of rice or wheat or any alternative will not reduce the glucose level but eating anything with limit is highly good for a diabetic patient. He or she should split his or her daily routine food into six from three. The suggestions of wheat or other things in the place of rice is just to reduce the quantity, that is a bowl full rice eater cannot eat more than two or three chapathis if he or she is practiced rice only. This advise like change to wheat or other grains are only for rice eaters and he further told that we can see diabetic patients in Northern parts of our country wherein only wheat they are using; are we suggesting them to take rice instead of wheat?
    Moreover my doctor (I am not a diabetic but when I took diabetic patients to the doctor)told diabetic patients should avoid oil subjected items that is especially vada made of urad dhal in the morning hours.
    Today I read in a paper suggested by a diabetic specialist that the main reasons for diabetic increase are:
    Over stress, over tiredness, over hungry. These should be avoided by the diabetic patients should never worry even for minor things, they should take rest then and there - if working, they should never kept themselves hunger on any situation and they should have some sundals or porridge at intervals.
    Water intake in such diabetic patients should be considered according to the persons on consulting their doctor. By seeing others one should not consume more water as it would affect their kidneys by giving over work.
    Preferably diabetic patients should consult one doctor permanently and not advisable to shift doctor to doctor as doctor cannot do anything unless we, the diabetic patient control him/herself.

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