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    Be strong within your bastion else debility would swallow your ability

    Each one of us have the stronghold of great knack and talent within us and through which the castle of mainstay of our life can be coined out and we should be strong within our bastion and that would be noted by others. But unfortunately we try to drift from our principles of life and take on to debility route that would swallow our ability. Mind it we should not give way for short comings within us and any deficiency should be corrected as no flaw or the fault should be detected by others. So when we talk about what should be done as new year resolution or birthday promises, this can be one of them.
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    There are many people who are capable and have desired degree of ability for doing a particular work or facing a particular situation in their lives. If they properly channelise all these things then they can very well tread ahead in the difficult journey of life. But in real practical life what happens is that people are diverted in different directions and are not able to to keep a balance between their abilities and the work they are taking up. This creates a situation of confusion and they are doing their job but it is half hearted attempt. Having capabilities and abilities is a good thing but one has to concentrate and focus in using them in the desired direction then only the real fruits of success can be obtained. We have to keep a control on the wandering of our mind which flips from one thing to other and destroys our focus and concentration.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In our bastion, we will be strong only because it is ours. When we enter into others bastion we may not be strong. In our strong area of knowledge, if we tale up works and concentrate on the same, we will be successful definitely. Sometimes we will become overconfident and we will not think seriously about the task as we feel we have a piece of excellent knowledge in that field. In that situation, there is a chance to lose the grip.
    Ravana is a very strong devotee of Lord Siva and he is very powerful. He was overconfident and kidnapped Sita and started enmity with Rama. That is the time his downfall started and he was killed by Rama. He behaved wrongly and the shortcoming he was having only made him lose his life.
    So, one may be a very strong person and he may be having a lot of skills but should not become proud and overconfident and then only he can maintain his winning stream.

    always confident

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