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    Why politicians are going to such low levels?

    India has seen very good politicians like Nehru, Sastry, Vajpayee and PVNR. When Nehru was the Prime Minister, Vajpayee was in opposition. Nehru used to appreciate him for his way of presentation in the Lok Sabha. PV Narasimha Rao sent Vajpayee to UNO to represent the country. Merits of the individuals were appreciated even though they have their faiths in different parties.
    But these days in India what we are seeing is entirely different.

    Two days before what happened in the Assembly of AP is shameful. A senior leader like Chandra Babu has to shed tears for the behaviour of the people in the ruling. The ruling party MLAs talked very badly and vulgarly about the family of the opposition leader in the Assembly and the Chief Minister was very much present in the Assembly. The words they used are unparliamentary and Naidu left the meeting with tears in his eyes.

    The political leaders should criticise other party's policies but not individuals and their families. Where is the nation-leading with such people in the driving seats?
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    The author has raised a burning issue in todays politics in our country. But all politicians are not like that. It is really shameful and disgusting that we have some like that. It is a very unfortunate matter that these type of politicians use a filthy language and attack on ones personal life for gaining the accolades and applauds from the followers who are all from more and less criminal background. It is said that even one bad person is enough to create problem in a group and this holds good for the group of politicians also that even one bad leader can spoil the show and create a bad scene. Politics is a game of brain but if someone wants to do it by bad talks and abusive language then it is a bad luck for the country and what good can we expect from such shameless creatures.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Very pathetic political happenings in AP as the TDP was losing even in his home ground Kuppam in after all the ward elections, the YSRCP leaders gone head strong and chosen choicest abuse which cannot be printed or mentioned here and thus Chandrababu Naidu was deeply hurt and while telling this in the press conference he gone out of control and broke down and that was telecast all over the country and thus Jagan was taken to task by all that there should be strong opposition and the ruling party is changing the very system of democracy and indulging in huge money power gambling that makes opposite parties run for shelter. But with this episode there seems to be sympathy for Naidu and this is the time he should join with BJP to teach a lesson for YSRCP in the coming elections otherwise AP would be out of reach for TDP.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Babu did the mistake of going away from the BJP and joined hands with congress. But that move proved to be very bad for him. Now he has to join hands with Pavan and BJP and fight out YSRCP. Otherwise, the State will go bad in all respects.
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    There are many people who are coming in politics with the support of their followers and public and they are entering in the ruling government in state assemblies or parliament. It is unfortunate that some of these people are from a background laced with criminal activity and doubtful integrity. They were freed from the court because of lack of evidences or sometimes even due to their influences and connections. Now, when such people are there in the government, what can we expect from them. Their real behaviour will emerge out one day or other and people will see their real image in due course of time. There might be a small number of people like that but they are sufficient to create bad environment in the political arena. For them using abusive language or use unparliamentary words is a routine thing. They will always try to humiliate their opponents openly.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is not only politicians. There are others, too, who will stoop to the depths of crassness and make personal comments about the family members of somebody whom they wish to pull down.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    That is true. There are many people who comment about the members of other families in their absence. But the rulers who are supposed to be the guides and lead the state should have more responsibility than a normal person. So that should definitely be maintaining higher standards in their working. But these days that is not seen.
    always confident

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    The old dictum was ' Yatha Raja, thatha praja"-As the King so the subjects.
    But in the present days the converse also operates; "Yatha praja thatah Raja" - as the people so the King.
    As we are having the representative democracy, we get the rulers as representative sample of the voters and public.
    The value of society i general is getting eroded day by day. Those values and virtues which got respect in early days are now disregarded and new -normals are replacing them. Lumpenism, goondaism, despising others, shouting out opposition side etc. have come to be accepted behaviour and seen as heroic deeds.

    The incident cited is not the first one in our country. Similar and even worse scenes had happened in some other legislatures to. The problem now is, the number of voices contemping such behaviour in unbiased terms are getting less and feeble. Even if someone does so that depends on who did it on whom basis.

    Unless the society in general and voters themselves change their attitude and expectations and keep a high standard things will only tend to be worse and worse,
    Our ancient scriptures have well predicted this erosion of values and Dharma and rise of Adharma.
    So now we have to await a new Avatar to bring back Dharma.

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    Probably for the first time the politics played in AP seems to be different and it is the run up for the elections to the state and center from this place as the parties are playing their own cards to be in the minds of voters. While Chandababu Naidu vowed not to enter the state assembly unless and until he becomes the CM next time. his one of the MP CM Ramesh has given a challenge to the state CM Jagan by doing the aerial survey of the affected regions due to floods and submitted the report to the center. Here the aerial survey was done much before the CM was about to do. So the way both parties are into the working mode outsmarting each other the show down seems to be great as the state also lost the face in case of having three capitals instead of only Amaravati as mooted by TDP earlier. So politics of different range here.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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