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    What very ordinary people can accomplish is proved once again

    It is a day to remember. It is a day when seemingly humble farmers have won;. The manner in which the huge numbers of farmers from Punjab and Haryana mobilized themselves in the heat and the rain and in the biting cold and battled it out for almost one year, is one lesson that cannot be missed.

    Protests in a very peaceful way are always welcome. Despite the many odds against them, the agitation by the farmers has effectively demonstrated the power of the people. It has demonstrated the power of democracy.

    What we can feel proud, as Indians, is the fact that when people feel that their livelihood is threatened, when their pride is attacked in some way or the other, they will raise in revolt. In fact, the organized sector employees have become very quiet over the past three decades, with the onset of the IT revolution. Since the use of IT is so widespread, every single Indian has embraced it and since IT is always associated with the most advanced technologies, the common man is brought into the "system" as we understand it, and the trade unions have become silent.

    But farmers are a different lot. They do not have big trade unions. The entire lot of farmers have united as one. We should feel proud for the victory of democracy.
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    The discussion already taken place on farmers agitation and the subsequent scaling down of government by recalling the farm laws but the laws are still in force and can be cancelled only after the Parliament debated it again and given the burial. Here comes the new twist. Parties would be more than happy and how they would behave in the Parliament during the debate would be seen. Those who support the scrap of the bill would bring the wrath of other non agitating farmers who were benefited all through 18 months in the new farm laws and those those who does not support the scrap of bill would be branded as the BJP supporters and they would earn the wrath of other parties. So PM Modi has brought this to the International importance and we have to wait and see whether improvised new laws would be in offing or back to past.
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    There are many aspects to the farmers agitation or movement in which finally the Government is withdrawing the new farm laws. I do not perceive it as a simple farmer's movement because most of the farmers do not know whether these new rules would be beneficial to them or not. Moreover as some big people were backing this agitation most probably for political purposes so the sincerity of the agitation is also a doubtful thing. Another factor is that this agitation doesn't have support of all the farmers of the country which is a very important factor because only a handful of people were managing it using the influx of good amount of money which was coming to them from the sources which is still to be found and investigated out by the Government agencies. So in my opinion it will be to early to say that in this farmer's agitation case the common men or farmers have won and government is defeated. Generally, in a political game, common people lose.
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    The Farm Laws were not operational as they were stayed by the Supreme Court in January 2021. It formed a committee to find an amicable way to solve the problem between the farmers and the government. What happened with the committee report is not known. The reasons for the repeal of the Farm Laws by the government are known to them only. Political analysts say that the main reason is assembly elections early next year in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

    The government tried to suppress this farmer's agitation in all possible ways. The farmers were called terrorists, Khalistanis, and many other things. They were subjected to all sorts of persuasion but the farmers stood resolute. Finally, the government for whatever reasons , announced the repeal of the Farm Laws. In this connection, it is noteworthy that Rahul Gandhi in January this year, tweeted "Mark my words, the government will have to take back the anti-farm laws.". He proved correct. The Trinamool Congress MP Derek O-Brien tweeted "Arrogance loses. From hubris to on your knees."

    The farmers led the agitation in a peaceful manner and made the government assure that the Farm Laws will be repealed. This is a victory for the ordinary people against the arrogance of the government. During this agitation, it is said that more than 600 people lost their lives. Mr. Varun Gandhi, MP from the ruling party demanded the government to suitably pay compensation to the dead farmers.

    Modiji finally took a good decision for whatever his reasons in doing so. Many lawmakers from the USA, UK, and some other countries expressed their happiness on the victory of farmers in getting the Farm Laws repealed.

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