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    What would be your response to an alien moving in a friendly way towards you?

    Let me present a hypothetical situation happening in front of you. It might appear like a scene in science fiction. You are standing near a field while taking a routine walk and you suddenly observe a small plane or drone type of thing landing on the field and some alien comes out of that and is moving towards you without any weapon or gun in its hands or tentacles whatever way it looks. Seeing his friendly gesture would you wait for him or scream and run away from the place or take some other option like contacting the police or your friends to come there and have a look at this strange happening? If the alien is so advanced that it can land on a small field and walks to contact the nearest earthling available to him then we can hope that he might be capable of translating our language into his and his language into ours and transmit it using the speakers under control of its electronic or otherwise circuitry. So why not wait and talk to him and find out what he requires from us. What would be your response in such a situation?
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    This is like star-war movie scene depicted by the author and it is the natural reaction from everyone that when we see a unusual thing happening in front of our eyes we either run away or scream for help. But here being in the field alone and none to help, we have to gather the guts and courage and face the situation. When the alien chosen our field and landed there to approach us, that should be taken in right spirit and positive because not everyone should be branded as the bad. May be some fortune has been in store for future or some kind of new technology is being brought and given tutorial for the rich harvest. So initiating talks would be the wise decision and since the alien came without the weapon, the danger of life is ruled out and good things are going to happen so welcome the alien to our world of farming.
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    When some new shape of a living being is coming towards us we will have different feelings and those feelings will depend on the size and the shape of the living being. We need not get panic and we have to think about all the pros and cons. How much we are prepared to face the situation will also be an important issue. Instead of running away, we can inform through mobile our friends and family through WhatsApp messaging system so that they may come to help us and they may inform the law and order authorities so that they will also come.
    The other person is new to the system and he will also have his own fears about the people on this earth. So he will never try to attack without knowing anything about us. So it is better to communicate with him and try to be friendly with him so that we will not be at threat and we may get a chance to travel with him to his planet and see their way of living there and if possible we can start a business there and start earning from there also,

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    Today it seems just like a science fiction but there could be an alien race elsewhere in the universe which with advanced scientific progress would travel to Earth for exploring the universe.
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    This is a very nice thread by the author, definitely, I will scream for help, whenever I would be in this sort of situation. We have seen many movies based on this concept not only in Hollywood but also in Bollywood. One such movie from Bollywood is Koi Mil Gaya, in which an actor meets an alien and after some days he became his best friend. That was a nice movie people enjoyed it but as we were watching it on screen it seems an enjoyment but of someone like that alien coming in front of us, our first reaction would be screaming to run away from that place.

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    Alien or friendship with Koi Mil Gaya type creature are fictitious stories and have no existence at all. But the author has raised a hypothetical question just for funny discussion, I think I would like to welcome him on our planet and would be pleased to have him as my forend and on the house- guest.

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    It is interesting to question raised by the author, I guess I would like to know the intention of Alien and because I am quite inquisitive I would like to have a conversation with him/her if he/she seems friendly. Although I would be a little fearful I would like to be a part of the alien's quest on earth like science-fiction movies.
    In Hollywood movies depiction of aliens vary at some places they are good even godly like Thor, Loki from the marvel series at some places they are bad like Thanos. In Indian movie only example is Jadoo from koi mil gaya movie.
    In a Korean series which quite famous "My love from another star" the love story of an alien and a human is depicted in so much good manner that it is a kind of fantasy to meet such an alien.
    So this fantasy has always been part of humans imagination and in such a situation I will definitely not run away.

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    All our present friends were aliens at the start. They were strangers to us. As children most of us would have become scared of any stranger. We would have cried out and would have acted weirdly ways to defend and protect ourselves. Bt gradually we got accustomed to their presence and became close too.

    So now if any alien comes to us and if it resembles humans, then we may only have some curiosity. Even otherwise, whatever it may be, the first reaction will be to click photo and video by our mobile phones and if possible to do a 'live' in FB.

    Nowadays I think none gets scared, because even amidst scary happenings our people click photos unfazed at what is happening. We have become 'click-happy' creatures.

    My fear is that the alien may get scared and run back to its plane or vehicle and fly away.

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    Venkiteswaran, you have well mentioned our craze for taking photos and then sharing in FB. We are really 'click-happy' creatures.
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    My case is very dangerous in the point mentioned by the author. I was working as a Personnel Officer in a reputed company and happened to meet many persons irrespective. When someone approached me with smile I cannot ignore him casually but at the same time I cannot responding him also. This become very embarrassing position to me as he might be a real person known to me sometimes back. I used to keep myself very careful when I am getting approached by alien person with a friendly talk,

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    The author has presented it in the style of Ritwik Roshan's movie. Everything is artificial where the base is shaky. There are a lot of differences between the story of the movie and the actual reality. While great scientists from all over the world are searching for Allen, our writer has brought him before you. So be sure to hug her and be in love. Reassure him that we are not his enemies but his friends.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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