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    Should we respond to all the forum posts?

    Some of us (including me) are responding to a large number of forum posts which are being posted by members time to time. It is very true that we might be interested in some of those posts and then respond to them in best of our capabilities by either critically examining or by supporting or whatever the way we like to make our response. Sometimes we might be adding something from our side to make that post more clear or more powerful and sometimes we might simply discard it by telling that it doesn't mean much.
    I don't want to emphasize on the responses what we make because that would change from person to person and individual to individual but my point is that are we supposed to respond to all the posts which are being posted in the forum section or we should be selective and only attempt to those posts which are of interest to us. What are your thoughts on this?
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    In one way, forum responses is good in the sense that it provides us the opportunities of exchanging our ideas relating to the topic being discussed by the author. Sometimes it is so tempting that we cannot resist ourselves from posting our views which we deem fit in that situation. In some areas, we may not have the full details of the relevant topics being discussed but the post raised may provide us the different perspectives and in that way, it is always better to go through such postings for which we do have some interest in the postings being discussed. Forum responses deal with various topics related to religion, education, latest events and so on. Overall, this platform provides us pure entertainment apart from enriching our knowledge.

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    As far as I know, there are no rules and regulations for this. There is a limit for raising new threads. But for posting our opinions on the threads raised by others I think there is no minimum or maximum limit. It all depends on the individual's interest and availability of time. There are 3 or 4 members who try to respond to the majority of the threads. But some people may not respond. The preferences will change from person to person.
    By reading each post and making a connected post on that is good to get our knowledge enhanced and our writing skills may also improve. So it will become a good exercise to improve our skills if we try to respond. The responses should be related to the thread raised by the author. There are different ways to look at it and it all depends on the individual only.

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    When forum is the open platform to which each one us are eligible to raise or respond the reply that is known to us which not only enhance the importance of the thread raised and also brings in inputs added by us. If the forum post is general and asking us the poser or the question, we can respond with our experience or quoting the things already happened in the past. If you want to raise a thread, that is purely depend on the interest of the topic to which others should also be equally excited to answer. So what I mean to say whether we should respond to all the posts or not does not matter, but how the forum post has been coined out and how best you are informed about the contents to be appended from your side. By the it takes good knowledge and experience to reply to all posts and that does not demean your potential.
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    If you have good knowledge on the subject posted by a member,it is always good to give your opinion

    I find everything which is posted is ver interesting and relates to day to day happenings which is common to all of us.
    It is better to respond and I am sure most of you have been doing it.
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